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Corporate Gift Baskets

Posted on 24 July 2015

There are a range of different needs when it comes to corporate gift baskets. You're looking for that special congratulatory or thank you gift that shows how much you appreciate a customer or staff members hard work. Showing this appreciation in the right way can help increase staff retention and customer loyalty for your business. The key is to find a gift that is going to suit a wide range of people but also have a personalised touch to it.

There are a range of corporate gift occasions you may find you need to celebrate:

  • settlement gifts
  • thank you gifts
  • congratulations gifts
  • corporate Christmas gifts
  • baby shower gifts

It can be difficult to know what to buy some customers as you may not know their particular tastes or you may want to get a gift for a couple so your gift needs to suit both people. In situations like these you need to think about the recipient and the occasion. For example, if you're thanking the team of another business where quite a few people are involved, gifts like chocolates, champagne and gourmet food to share are a great idea. If you're providing a settlement gift, a gift basket containing local gourmet foods and a bottle of wine to be tested out in the new kitchen will be well appreciated. These examples also work well for corporate Xmas gifts.

If you do know your customer, colleague or supplier quite well you may want to pick and choose the items you have in your gift basket. Again, a good bottle of wine is nice but choose the particular kind they enjoy. Try mixing wine, gourmet food and organic body products for an eclectic mix that can be enjoyed for longer.

For baby shower gifts try organic and natural products or handmade toys as these are unique gift ideas - try not to get a baby gift that the mum-to-be already has or doesn't need. Also, in the instance that you're shopping for a particular man or woman, try a pamper pack which really says 'thank you for the hard work'. Your staff member, customer or supplier will accept the gift knowing that they can have a bit of relaxation time for a job well done.

Corporate gifts often require corporate branding and it's important to have your gift delivered in a professionally presented basket or box. There are many options available for corporate ribbons which you can wrap around your gift box and you definitely want to have a personalised message on a gift card. 

When choosing your gift product selection is key. Buying cheap goods may save money but can actually do more harm than good. Giving a gift that won’t be used due to poor product quality may leave your gift recipient wondering if they’ve done something wrong! If possible, try to select organic, handmade and gourmet. These types of gifts offer a positive reflection of your business and will leave your gift recipient feeling appreciated.

Selecting the right gift using the guidelines above will help foster a long-term relationship with anyone associated with your business.

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