List Of Gluten Free Items

We get a few requests about gluten free items for gift hampers and luckily we have quite a few products that are. Gluten free doesn't necessarily mean you are coeliac. Many people are choosing this kind of diet as a health and lifestyle choice whether they suffer from wheat allergies or not. Gluten is a mixture of two proteins occuring in cereals, grains and wheat. People who don't eat gluten avoid common items like bread and oats but there are other items like Teryiaki sauce which contain gluten. We suggest taking a look at Coeliac Australia website to find out more.

Following are a list of food items on our website that are gluten free.

  •     Dessert Sauce – Chocolate
  •     Duck Creek Products
  •     Brookfarm Nut Mixes
  •     Byron Bay Bliss Balls
  •     Wallaby Bites
  •     Falwasser Crispbreads (Gluten-free option)
  •     Wattle Tree Creek Chutney's (Two gluten-free options)
  •     Zest Marinades
  •     Olives
  •     Artisan Biscotti 
  •     Byron Bay Cookies (Gluten-free option)
  •     Loco Love Vegan Chocolates
  •     Organic Fudge

In fact, so many of our products are gluten free here’s a list of items that DO contain gluten.

  •     Teriyaki Beef Jerky
  •     Byron Bay Cookies
  •     Byron Bay Cacao Chocolates
  •     Christmas Pudding
  •     Christmas Cake
  •     Sweet & Salty Peanuts

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