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6 Perfect 21st Gift Ideas For Him

6 Perfect 21st Gift Ideas For Him

Stuck on what to get the birthday boy for his 21st? We know that men can be hard to buy for, so we’ve created a selection of all of our favourite 21st gift ideas for him.

From premium wines and spirits to craft beers, organic skincare and gourmet treats, there’s something for everyone to enjoy amongst our list of 21st birthday gift hampers and special gifts.

Read on below to find the perfect gift to help him celebrate turning 21!


1. Somebody Say 'Beer'?

A 21st birthday celebration usually calls for a few drinks (or more than a few) so why not get the party off to a great start with our Premium Beer Box?

Instead of drinking the cheap stuff, he’ll have a combination of popular craft beers to choose from, including Stone & Wood Pacific Ale, Burleigh Brewing Co Lager, Little Creatures Pale Ale and Wild Yak Ale. 

It’s not all about the booze though, this hamper also includes crispbread and chutney, chocolate macadamias, Byron Bay cookies and beef jerky for him to snack on.


2. Something Snacky?

If he’s more of a foodie, you may want to opt for our Byron Bites Hamper instead.

With its selection of Brookfarm nuts, Byron Bay cookies, Duck Creek macadamias and Butterburst biscuits, this gourmet gift is the perfect thing to bring along to a 21st birthday party.

With so many goodies packed inside, this hamper can easily be shared amongst friends or he can keep it all to himself. With so many local flavours to try out and enjoy, this hamper is sure to be a hit with any 21 year old!


21st gift idea for him glass

3. Up The Sophistication

Many people view 21 as the age when we truly enter adulthood. It’s the age when many of us move out for the first time, finish university and finally start to feel ‘grown up’, so it’s a great idea to get a gift to remember the occasion with something a little more sophisticated.

If you want to get them something that is personal and very ‘21’, then a scotch and whiskey glass stone set is a great idea.

A nice set in a wood engraved box is something that they can use and treasure forever.


4. Meat's A Treat

If he loves to try out different types of beer, get him our Stone & Wood Beer Hamper.

This hamper includes a selection of all the best beers from local Byron Bay brewery, Stone and Wood. Stone and Wood beers come in a range of interesting, yet approachable flavours that pair beautifully with the sweet and savoury gourmet snacks that we’ve packed in.

With Byron Bay cookies and coconut coated Bliss Balls, premium Byron Beef Jerky, sweet & salty peanuts and Teriyaki Munchies to try, this is a gift that he won’t soon forget!


5. Get Organised

Leather wallets make a simple, yet meaningful gift for young men. A quality wallet made from nice leather will last him for years and it's the perfect way to mark his transition into the adult world.

He’ll feel grown up carrying something like this certified eco leather wallet every time he pulls it out to pay for something, and he’ll appreciate the thoughtfulness of a practical gift that he can use in his daily life.


6. Spice It Up A Notch

Our Lord Byron Spiced Rum hamper is an excellent gift idea for 21 year olds with a more refined palate.

If he loves the finer things in life, he’s sure to appreciate the rich aroma of Lord Byron Spiced Rum. This 12 year old aged spiced rum is incredibly complex and ideal for enjoying neat on the rocks or with a mixer.

It has rich oak, vanilla and tobacco flavours that taste even better when paired with chocolate and nuts, so we’ve included dark chocolate covered almonds, Byron Bay cookies, Maple & Pecan Munchies, crispbreads and Wattle Tree Creek jam for him to snack on. 


Final note

We know how hard it can be to find the perfect present for a 21 year old, so we hope this list has helped to spark some inspiration.

If you’re looking for more ideas, we’d recommend checking out our range of hampers for him.

If nothing seems like the perfect fit, you could always create something custom for him by adding items from our gifts for men section to your favourite hampers. 


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