Free Shipping: Gift Shop Over $50 & Hampers over $100 | Sydney | Melbourne | Brisbane

Free Shipping: Gift Shop Over $50 & Hampers over $100 | Sydney | Melbourne | Brisbane

About Us

We're passionate about promoting the great work being done by people in the Byron Bay region. We support Australian businesses that have an organic and natural approach, hand make their products and/or have an ethical business model and are inspired by the growing number of people across Australia wanting to buy unique gifts that have had love, care and time invested in them.

Enjoy our collection of ethical, organic and gourmet products because they look stylish, taste amazing and it feels great to be supporting local. Our customers appreciate the finer things in life and love to give gifts that are luxurious, the kind of gift that creates good memories and is also ethically sourced.

To increase our audience and share our message you can also find our gift hampers on Dan Murphy's and Byron Bay's best local information website, Byron We've also just been accepted as part of the PayPal 'Shop Off The Beaten Path' program.

We've added features to our site like:

  • Free delivery on shop orders over $50
  • Free delivery on hamper orders over $100
  • Credit Card facilities and Paypal including AMEX
  • Gift boxes made from recycled materials
  • Add a logo to your corporate gifts

Our Team

At Byron Bay Gifts we like to think inside the box. How can we make a gift appealing through every stage? Your gift needs to be a fun, exciting experience with a ‘wow’ factor from beginning to end.

So let’s start with the box. We know it’s good because people keep asking us where they can get their hands on them. Our gift boxes are Australian made with 70% recycled content and they also look good. Each box has our logo stamped in bronze in the centre of the lid, which adds a touch of cool elegance. We use a quality, wide ribbon that adds to the grand opening.

Inside the box, you’ll find an assortment of local goods. Our criteria are local, organic, hand made and/or sustainably made but above all we look for quality and taste. If we wouldn’t like to receive it, we don’t use it. No cheap imports here. No offense to cheap imports but it’s just not what we’re going for.

We think if you’re giving a gift, you’re trying to impress someone, not offend with low quality stuff, so all our gifts are carefully considered. If you’re giving a pamper hamper, it will have organic and natural products. Our gourmet foods are often hand crafted by local artisans – often with locally sourced ingredients.

Thinking inside the box is what we do.

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