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Top 3 Best Man Gift Ideas

Top 3 Best Man Gift Ideas

It is a real honour to be recruited as a best man, and an incredibly special gesture to invite your friend or loved one to fill this role on your wedding day. It comes with many duties and responsibilities, so one must choose wisely! They stand next to you during the ceremony and often have to organise many things behind the scenes, including the buck's party antics. The best man also guards the rings and is called to deliver an entertaining and heartfelt toast at the reception (so no pressure!) It is a pretty big deal for all involved, so combining your best man invitation with a thoughtful gift makes this tradition even sweeter! 

Best Man Speech

The origins of how the best man practice came about are not black and white. Still, the overarching reason that this custom supposedly came about was that the best man’s role was to protect the bride from any kidnappers, potential disapproving family members or jealous parties. The ‘best’ referred to your strongest fighter or swordsman in the event of any conflict. Luckily today, these violent myths are no longer, and your biggest worry is getting there on time; one can’t forget the dreaded broken alarm clock in Four Weddings and a Funeral! 

Cheers Groomsmen

Fortunately, you know your best man inside and out, which makes choosing a gift that you can guarantee they will love and translate your profound affection for them that little bit easier. A high-quality bottle of their favourite liquor or wine is always a classy choice. Up the ante and find a bespoke distillery or local winery and take them on a tasting tour; they can try all the different variations and get to enjoy a day together with you before the big day.

Something for the wedding day is always a touching gesture. We love the idea of a monogrammed handkerchief or cufflinks for them to wear with their celebratory suit! A carefully chosen grooming kit is also a great way to make sure they are looking spick, and span; beard oil, pomade and moisturiser are classy additions to the getting ready process! Add in a bottle of cologne so they will be reminded of your special day and brotherly bond whenever they wear it in the future.

Lord Byron Rum HamperVeuve Hamper

If you want to send something in advance, why not choose from our range of hampers, designed to show someone just how much they mean to you! The Gourmet Rum Hamper, Champagne & Treats Gift Hamper or the Stone & Wood Beer Box are just a few from our collection of the finest local produce and talent. Add a personalised note for your best man, the guy who helped you along the way and who always has your back, no matter what.  

Stone & Wood Beer Hamper

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