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Christmas Gift Ideas For Colleagues

Christmas Gift Ideas For Colleagues

Is your annual office Secret Santa gift exchange coming up? Then you’re probably searching for the perfect gift. Whether you’ve been long-time office mates with someone, or just met them by the water cooler, it’s always challenging to think of gift ideas for coworkers. Luckily, we’re here to help. We’ve done all of the legwork for you in finding thoughtful and affordable Christmas gift ideas for your colleagues. Read on below to find them the perfect gift!

Seasonal Christmas Surprise

Our Seasonal Surprise Christmas Hamper is the perfect choice for a Secret Santa gift exchange as it is filled with festive treats like crispbreads, chutney, nuts, candy canes and bon bon. They’ll love opening this up and trying out all the flavours. This is great gift for them to take home and enjoy with their family, or for sharing around the office during the festive season.

Tea Gift Basket

If you’re buying a Christmas gift for a colleague who is known to enjoy a cuppa around the office, we’d suggest getting them our tea gift basket. Whether your colleague is looking for something to help them feel energised before a meeting, or something to take the edge of a stressful day, they’re sure to find it in this hamper. It contains a wide selection of teas, including Chillax Brew with chamomile, rose and ashwagandha, English Breakfast Tea, Chai Tea and Mayde Tea. It also comes with tea-time snacks like The Daily Bar Super Bite, Butterburst biscuits and Bliss Balls.

Ultimate Food Gift Hampers

Looking for a gift to share around the office? Impress your colleagues with our enormous Ultimate Foodies Gift Hamper. This gift hamper is packed with loads gourmet delights like macadamias, crispbreads, chutney, chilli jam, mustard pickle, chocolate, cookies, sweet & salty peanuts, biscuits, Bliss Balls and chocolate coated coffee beans, so it’s the perfect choice for an office party. You’ll definitely win some brownie points with your coworkers if you bring this into work! 

Thank You Christmas Hamper

If you’ve been working alongside someone all year that has really gone above and beyond, they may deserve a special thank you. Show them your appreciation with our Thank You Christmas Hamper! This hamper contains a bottle of Angove Organic Shiraz Cabernet, roasted macadamias, gingerbread, crispbread, chutney, Daily Bar Superbites, Butterbursts, candy canes and a bon bon - so it’s ideal for making an individual coworker feel extra special, or for sharing amongst your team.

Bestie Work Candle

ot a work bestie that keeps you sane during office hours? Let them know how much you appreciate them with a Work Bestie Candle! This is a fun way to show them how much their support and friendship means to you. If you wanted to customise it more, you could even opt for a candle with a meaningful message or office joke inscribed on it. It’s a thoughtful - yet affordable - way to say thanks!

Final note

Still searching for a Christmas gift for your colleague? You’ll find even more gift ideas in our Gift Store, as well as a huge selection of festive Christmas themed gift hampers here. For others ideas, check out our range of Thank You Gift Hampers and Corporate Gift Hampers too!

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