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Christmas Gift Ideas For Couples

Christmas Gift Ideas for Couple

Get them something they’ll both love this Christmas! Buying a gift for a couple is an incredibly sweet gesture. Gifts that are shared are often very special and meaningful, often even more so than if you had bought them separate gifts. Why? Because gifts for couples encourage bonding and shared experiences - which is exactly the kind of stuff that’s on everyone’s mind around Christmas! For that reason, we love it when people come looking for Christmas ideas for couples. To help you get started on your shopping adventure, we’ve created a list of Christmas ideas for couples, take a look below!

Festive Food Hampe
A romantic picnic is a classic date idea, as is enjoying a glass of red wine while watching Netflix - so why not get the couple in your life a gift that includes everything they need for their next date? Our Festive Food Hamper contains loads of yummy goodies like crispbread, chutney, macadamias, gingerbread, nuts, Bliss Balls and more. There’s also bon bons and candy canes inside, along with a glass of red wine, so they can celebrate while sharing a grazing plate together.

 Chandon & Brookie’s Gin Gift Hamper

Speaking of date night ideas - cocktail nights make a great date! Our Chandon & Brookie’s Gin Gift Hamper comes with everything you need to make a delicious cocktail as it contains Chandon, Brookie’s Slow Gin, recipes, a cocktail shaker jar, Brookie’s Gin Jam and tasty snacks like cripsbreads and chocolate. They’ll love the fun and memorable experience that this hamper creates!

Personalised Christmas ornaments

Want to give a gift that will last? Personalised Christmas ornaments are a great option. You can choose from several styles, and personalise them with names and dates. These ornaments make perfect gifts for couples who have been married for years, but you can also customize them with a message like “our first Christmas together” if you want to give something sentimental.

Don't forget to consider the interests of your recipient when picking out an ornament! For example, if you're buying an ornament for a couple who loves reading books together during their downtime, consider purchasing an ornament that has some kind of literary theme on it—it will be more than just an ordinary decoration; it'll be something they'll love looking at every year on their tree (or wherever else they decide to display it).

Couple Keychain Set

If you're looking for a gift for a couple that shares a similar sense of style, consider getting them a couples keychain set. This is a cute gift that people are unlikely to buy for themselves! These can be engraved with names, dates or other special messages, and they come in a variety of styles. Perfect for commemorating their time together and acknowledging their special bond!

Final note

Still looking for something they'll love? You’ll find even more ideas amongst our range of Christmas Hampers and Gift Hampers for Couples. If you’d like, you can customise them with items from our Gift Shop or even create a completely custom hamper to suit them!


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