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Christmas Gift Ideas for Friends

Christmas Gift Ideas for Friends

Christmas is often called a family holiday, but it’s also a time for letting your friends know just how much they matter to you. Of course, a meaningful and thoughtful gift is a great way to show someone how much you appreciate having them in your life, but finding the right gift can be difficult. Whether you’ve been lifelong besties, or friends for a short time, it’s never easy to find that perfect something to say ‘Merry Christmas’, but don’t worry - we’re here to help!

Whether your friends are into sports, cooking or other hobbies, you’re sure to find something to suit them on this list.

Christmas Gift Ideas Hamper

Food and wine always make a great Christmas gift for friends. Treat them to some gourmet treats and the perfectly balanced flavour of Mt Yengo wine this Christmas with our Christmas Gift Ideas Hamper. This a great treat for friends to enjoy on their own, or plan a hang out together and grazing on yummy treats like crispbreads, chutney and nuts, cookies and candy canes together. 

House Plants

Houseplants are a great gift for friends or family at Christmas time. They’re also great for anyone looking to bring some life into their home! Houseplants can help improve air quality, and they can be used to decorate spaces in creative ways. If you’re buying a houseplant as a gift, it’s important to remember that houseplants need proper care and attention over the course of several months (or years) - so maybe reserve this type of gift for friends with a demonstrated green thumb.

Here are some of our favourite houseplants:

  • Pothos Vine: This plant looks beautiful hung from the ceiling or across window sills as an alternative to curtains. The leaves will turn red when exposed directly to sunlight, making this vine very attractive on its own.


  • English Ivy: Another great vine option that is easy-to-care-for because it doesn't require much direct sunlight. You can use this plant inside or outside depending on how much sun your friend has available at home; if you're unsure about what type would work best given the lighting situation at their place then go with this one since it'll do well indoors but might struggle under conditions where there isn't much direct light coming through windows during daylight hours (which happens frequently in winter months).

 Winding Road Cocktail Hamper

Cocktail nights can be a really fun way to hang out with friends, especially during silly season - so if you’re looking for a gift that doubles as an activity, we’d suggest giving our Winding Road Cocktail Hamper to your friend as a gift. Winding Road is a family run brewery from Byron Bay that is known for creating delicious, handcrafted spirits. Inside this hamper you’ll find spirits in three flavours, recipe ideas and snacks like crispbreads, jam, Bliss Balls, chocolate coated almond and more.

Delightful Bites Gift Hamper

If your friend is a bit of a foodie, we’re sure they’ll love our Delightful Bites Gift Hamper. With its combination of cookies, chocolates and crispbreads, this gift box is ideal for those who love both sweet and savoury flavours.

Final note

Hopefully, this list of gift ideas for friends has given you some inspiration. It’s important to think about what your friend likes and whether they would like the gift. Remember that not all gifts need to be expensive – if you can find something that shows thoughtfulness and is unique, it can be just as good! If you’re still looking for ideas, check out our other Hampers for Friends and Christmas Gift Hampers.

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