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Christmas Gift Ideas For Your Grandparents

Christmas Gift Ideas For Your Grandparents

Finding the perfect Christmas gift for your grandparents can be more challenging than you might expect. Often when shopping for gifts for grandparents, it quickly becomes apparent that they’ve already got everything they might want! They’ve had a lot longer to accumulate items afterall. So what do you get someone when they’ve already got everything? You can never go wrong with gourmet goodies and Christmas treats in our opinion!

If you’re looking for Christmas gift ideas for your grandparents, read on below. We’ve listed all of our top Christmas gift hamper choices for grandparents, as well as a few other ideas you might consider.

Best of Byron Bay Gift Box

Grandparents who love to travel, or who simply appreciate good food, will love our Best of Byron Gift Hamper. This hamper is busting with gourmet goodies that will take their tastebuds on a journey. They can start with local savoury favorites like Brookfarm nuts, Wattle Tree Creek chutney and crispbreads, transition to sweet and salty peanuts and end on a sweet note with cookies, Butterbursts and chocolate coated macadamias.

 Gourmet Bites Gift Hamper

Do you have fond memories of your grandparents giving your sweets while they were babysitting you? If you had a grandma who baked you cookies, or a grandpa that snuck you ice-cream, why not return the favour? Grandparents who appreciate gourmet flavours will love our Gourmet Bites Gift Hamper. This gift hamper is chock full of yummy treats like Brookfarm nuts, Butterburst biscuits, Loco Love chocolates, crispbreads and chutney.

 Christmas Gift Hamper

Our Christmas Gift Hamper also makes a great gift for grandparents on Christmas day. It’s packed full of things to get them in the festive mood! The star of this hamper is a bottle of Mt Yengo Pinot Grigio, but they’re also sure to appreciate the cookies, crispbreads, chutney, lemon chiffon, Bookfarm nuts and candy canes inside.

Tea Gift Basket

Do your grandparents love a good cuppa? Then our tea gift basket should definitely be a contender for a spot on your Christmas shopping list. This hamper includes Chillax Brew with chamomile, rose and ashwagandha, English Breakfast Tea, Chai Tea and Mayde Tea. It also comes with snacks that they can enjoy at tea time.

 Hobby Sets

If your grandparents are retirees, they’ve probably got a lot of spare time on their hands - so why not encourage them to pick up a new hobby or contribute something towards a hobby they’re already passionate about. Hobby sets make a great gift at Christmas time for grandparents.

Final note

Not sure you’ve found the perfect gift for your grandparents? You’ll find an amazing range of locally sourced goodies in our Gift Store, and even more curated hamper options amongst our range of Christmas Hampers and Gift Hampers for Grandparents.

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