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Christmas Gift Ideas For Your Boss

Christmas Gift Ideas for Boss

Buying a Christmas gift for your boss can be a lovely way to show them some gratitude for all of their support and mentorship they’ve shown you throughout the year, but it’s not always easy to find something that they’ll like. Work gifts should be thoughtful, but they also need to be professional. The best gifts for a great boss are usually those that take into account their own unique traits - maybe it’ll be a gift that celebrates their interests outside of work, or a gift that fits in with their workplace habits. Just don’t overspend, extravagant gifts may leave you looking like you're trying to suck up!

To make your search for the perfect Christmas gift easier, we’ve curated this list of Christmas gifts to suit every kind of boss. Read on below to find something they’ll love!

Thank You Christmas Hampers

Christmas is a great opportunity to show the people in your life some gratitude with a thoughtful gift. If you want to let your boss know just how much you appreciate them, we’d suggest you give them our Thank You Christmas Hamper. This hamper contains shiraz cabernet, macadamias, gingerbread, crispbread, chutney, Daily Bar superbite, Butterbust biscuits, candy canes and a bon bon - perfect for a celebratory drink at the end of a long working year!

Christmas Gift Hamper

If you’re searching for an affordable gift for your boss, we’d suggest opting for our Christmas Gift Hamper. This hamper contains yummy snacks like cookies, crispbreads, chutney, chocolate coated macadamias, as well as a bon bon and a candy cane. It’s fun and festive, without breaking the bank!

Brookie’s Gin Xmas Gift Box

If you know your boss is more partial to spirits than they are to wine and beer, you might consider getting them our Brookie’s Gin Xmas Gift Box. It comes with a bottle of Brookie’s Byron Slow Gin and yummy gourmet food like crispbread, chutney, milk chocolate coated coffee beans, Teriyaki Munchies, chocolate coated macadamias. Your boss will also find gingerbread, candy canes and bon bons inside - great for getting them into the festive mood!

 Delightful Bites Gift Hamper

Treat your boss to some delightful snacks this Christmas with our Delightful Bites Gift Hamper. There’s a combination of cookies, chocolates and crispbreads inside, so this is great for people who enjoy a mix of both sweet and savoury. It’s perfect for tea time snacking around the office, or for hiding in a desk drawer!

Best Boss mug

A Best Boss mug makes an excellent gift at Christmas time. It’s both practical and a fun little mood booster - your boss will feel great about themselves every time they pour a cup of tea or enjoy a cup of coffee. If you’re looking for a super affordable gift that will make a big impact, we’d definitely suggest opting for something like this.

Final note

Still looking for a Christmas gift for your boss? You’ll find an amazing range of locally sourced goodies in our Gift Store. Shop for individual items or add them to one of our carefully curated Corporate Christmas Hampers to create something customised to your bosses preferences.

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