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Sympathy Gift Ideas

Sympathy Gift Ideas

A sympathy gift can be a thoughtful way to let someone you care about know that you are thinking of them. Whether they’re grieving a loss, or going through something else, a show of support during a difficult time is often appreciated. Of course, expressing sympathy through gift giving is never easy. How do you find a gift that is both sensitive and meaningful?

To help you out, we’ve collated a list of sympathy gift ideas. From warming teas and items to pamper, you’re sure to find something that says ‘I’m sorry’ in just the right way amongst our collection of ideas.

Blends of Byron Gift Box

Tea and sympathy always go hand in hand, so if you’re looking for a sympathy gift, we’d suggest opting for our Tea, Coffee & Chocolate Gift Hampers. It contains several blends of tea, a tea strainer and organic plunger coffee. Your loved one will be able to sip on Mayde Tea, which is a distinctive blend of chamomile, passionflower, rose petals and lavender or immunity tea which combines ginger, turmeric and black pepper to create a warming, earthy brew. There’s also a relaxing Chillax Brew inside, as well as the classic Chai and English Breakfast tea.

Tea & Chocolate Affair Gift Hamper

Appeal to their sweet tooth and share your sympathies through chocolate with our Tea & Chocolate Affair Gift Hamper. This hamper includes a number of tasty nibbles like Luken & May Butterburst biscuits, tasty fruit and chocolate Wallaby Bites and Duck Creek’s chocolate macadamias - all great for snacking on with a warm cuppa! This hamper has that covered too as it contains two soothing herbal teas, immunity tea and Chillax Tea. 

The Beauty Box Pamper Hamper

Self-care is always important, but it becomes essential when we’re going through a tough time. If someone you know is in the midst of grieving, one of the most thoughtful things you can do is remind them to take time out for themselves. Inside The Beauty Box Pamper Hamper you’ll find all the pampering essentials. From rose bath tea and magnesium foot soak, to natural soap with lemon myrtle, macadamia massage oil, Sanctum cream cleanser and hemp body butter, this hamper contains everything they need to feel rested and relaxed at home. 

Best of Byron Gift Box

Sharing some gourmet delights can be a great way to lift the spirits, so if you’re extending your sympathies to someone, consider treating them to our Best Of Byron Bay Gift Hamper. It contains dark chocolate macadamias, Brookfarm nuts, crispbreads, chutney, cookies, sweet & salty peanuts, Kitz Living Foods coconut dream cherry inca berry slide and chocolate coated coffee beans - so basically, all of our favourite goodies from our Byron Bay!

Fruit Basket

A fruit basket makes a thoughtful, and practical, gift for someone who is going through a difficult time in their lives. We often forget to take care of ourselves when we’re in pain - fruit is packed full of all the things we need to stay healthy, as well as natural sugars, so it can be a mood booster. It’s also bright and vibrant, so just having a beautiful arrangement of fruit on display can lift the spirits.

Final note

Not sure you’ve found the right gift to express your sympathies? You’ll find more options available amongst our range of sympathy gift hampers. Each of our hampers can be customised, or you can create your own from scratch with items from our gift shop.

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