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Corporate gift giving.

Corporate gift giving.

 The value of corporate gift giving is limitless. 

External gifts

Giving gifts to your clients is an excellent way to build relationships and keep your business in the front row of the decision-making process for the next time they need your services.  
Longevity in customer relationships is important to keep some businesses afloat.
There are two key benefits to gifting externally;
Firstly you can attract new clients and strengthen your brand image,
Secondly you can also build better relationships with your existing clients.
A fun example of this is when you join a gym, such as Fitness First you might get given a gift pack on signing up, that will include a bag, towel and bottle. When I was a little younger these bags were super trendy to have, so everyone wanted to join.
This is a useful way to expand your customer base, generate new leads and keep your brand image and message front of mind.

Alternatively, you may have an important client that you have been working with for a few years who spend quiet a lot on your company, you may want to spend them a gift to reward their business and loyalty. Usually this would be a higher end gift from a hamper company that includes Champagne, It is however important that these are not mistaken as bribes.

Internal gifts
Most businesses like to keep their employees happy, they want with high moral, productivity and satisfaction within their work place. This can be done with appropriate salary and a set of benefits. Commonly these benefits can come in the form of staff discounts, work paying for ‘long lunches’, events, days out and bonus days off such as “summer days”, a company that I previously worked for gave their employees 1 day off a month over summer so that they could go to the beach and enjoy the weather, however more commonly these benefits come in the form of gifts and ‘perks’.
All of these things can show your employee that you appreciate and value their work for the company and encourage them to keep up the good work.

In tradition when an employee is celebrating a birthday, engagement, marriage, maternity leave or retiring, a gift will be given to show support and appreciation in celebrating this event with them. Beyond this gift are given as a means of incentivizing staff as a team, or helping them to bond with each other.

Gifts should not be offered as a prize to be won, because if your team does not hit the target, perhaps by no fault of its own, and the prize is withdrawn, this is when resentment against team members or company may come into play.

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