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5 Minutes with Brookies Gin

Brookie's Gin Gift Hamper

In 1988, Pam & Martin Brook bought a rundown dairy farm and over 35,000 subtropical rainforest trees were planted. Today, this landscape has transformed into a haven for birds and wildlife. Of the 25 botanicals in Brookie’s Byron Dry Gin, 17 are sourced locally, many from our rainforest.

We spent five minutes with Brookie’s Gin, to find out a little more about the business.

Tell us your business name and what your role is?

Head of Sales and Marketing

Tell us what inspired you to start your business?

Our co-founder Eddie, was working on an international whisky brand and the master distiller was touring Australia and Eddie was his host. Eddie and Jim got to know each other pretty well throughout the trip and a conversation was had about Eddie family and the rainforest that the family have regenerated over the past 30 years. Jim said that you could make gin from a rainforest and that sparked the idea to pursue building a distillery to make gin.

How long has your business been going?

Less than 4 years.

How did you come up with your product and packaging?

The brookie's dry gin is distilled with over 17 native Australian botanicals, many sourced and inspired by the rainforest on the property in the northern rivers region including finger lime, macadamia, native myrtles and lilly pilly, davidson plum. the green coloured label represents the rainforest and the letter B logo, if you place on its side has a little plant designed into the shape of the B. our labels are made from recycled sugar cane waste.

What have you learnt about your business along the way?

i've learnt alot about a business approach to environmental sustainability and our involvement within the community.

What inspired your business name and logo?

Brookie's is a nickname for the Brook family. the logo is a letter B with a plant designed into the shape of the B to represent the rainforest and where we source our botanicals

What’s new for your business over the next 12 months?

We continue to produce hand and surface sanitiser which came about from COVID19 and a demand in the community. We are releasing a new flavoured gin called "shirl the pearl" flavoured with cumquats. we have been distilling single malt whisky and ageing in oak barrels that we will be thrilled to release early 2021 when it will finally becomes matured and ready to drink.

What’s your favourite place in Byron Bay?

You will most likely find me in the surf, before work, after work on the weekends on holidays. we have some of the most incredible beaches and surf breaks in the world!

Sum your business up in five words?

Rainforest-distilled spirits. innovation. sustainability. family.

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