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About Brookie's Gin

About Brookie's Gin

Cape Byron Distillery is undoubtedly a very familiar and well-known company born from the magical Northern Rivers. Their beloved Brookies gin is a staple at pretty much every bar, pub, restaurant and household across Australia. They have also established global recognition for the ever-growing range of botanical spirits, allowing people to be transported to the meandering hinterland hills of Byron Bay which they call home. 

Cape Byron Distillery

Their humble journey began in 1988 when Pam and Martin Brook decided to re-invent and give life to a large acreage that was once a working dairy farm. Here they planted over 35,000 subtropical rainforest trees to transform the landscape completely. By doing this, they generated a haven for local wildlife, plant species and native botanicals exclusive to the region. Through love and hard work, this habitat developed into a natural pantry, rich in ingredients that, when infused and combined, create distinctive flavours recognised across the palette of all gin lovers. From lemon myrtle, native raspberries, Davisonia plum, and ginger, these are just a few of the seasonal produce they work with to develop their unique blends. Out of the 25 botanicals in the original Brookies dry gin, 17 are sourced from the property and local surroundings, making it one, if not the most natural gin in the world. 

Brookies Dry Gin

Despite their phenomenal success, they are still a small team of dedicated knowledge distillers, including Jim McEwan, the only distiller in the world to have won the prestigious award of Master Distiller of the Year three times. Eddie Brook is also an integral part of the team; having been mentored by Jim, his extensive knowledge and experience translate through to Brookie's art of distilling quality spirits. Son of Pam and Martin, Eddie grew up on the sacred land where it all began, giving him a beautiful connection and deep-seated passion for what he does. 

Brookies Slow Gin

A big part of Brookies and the Cape Byron Distillery’s ethos is to continue regenerating the land whilst respecting its rightful owners and giving back to the environment they have thrived in. They honour traditions and remain a sustainable, B Corp-certified business that gives back to the community whilst working on innovative solutions to install positive impacts on the local ecosystem. You can visit their distillery, located only 15 minutes from the centre of Byron town. Here you can tour the rainforest, enjoy a tasting session or indulge in some of their delicious cocktails. Not a bad way to spend a summer's afternoon; it's certainly one of our favourite local spots. 

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