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About Husk Distillery

About Husk Distillery

Husk Distillery is a local gold mine for delicious liquors and an authentic, whole rounded experience. Founded by Paul Messenger in 2009 after an inspirational island hopping in the Caribbean. On the isle of Martinique, Messenger found himself immersed in the local spirits and rum production process, where they solely used freshly crushed cane juice in place of molasses. This trip shifted Paul’s perspective on what ingredients could be utlised to make different spirits and how to source directly from the land; with this in mind, he travelled back to Australia and thus began his distilling journey using the cane grown on his home soil. 

Husk Distillery

Husk Distillery started as a humble farm shed in Tumbulgun in the Northern Rivers due to its proximity to the cane regions. Paul was adamant about recreating the cultivated nature of the Caribbean rum, making something that thrived from its natural habitat and melted into the lifestyle. The Tweed Valley certainly aligned with this, a flourishing area for the cane industry, stunning landscape and laid-back way of living. Having grown up along the same coastline and completing his university thesis on the East Coast volcanos, including the history and geology of the landscape, this all tied into the perfect location. The Northern Rivers is also rife with incredible bars and restaurants; this rich culture and beach backdrop attracted Paul and his wife to settle back here and let Husk Distillery thrive. 

Husk Table

Due to seasonal harvests and the short window from field to barrel, it was certainly challenging. Like anything new, teething problems arose, plans were thrown out, strategies re-created and compromises across the board, but there was nothing that would get in the way of Paul’s vision to create something remarkable on the land he loves so much. Strict control over the milling process, growing conditions and fermentation was pivotal to generating a consistent, high-quality product. It represents the provenance it is cultivated from, and ensuring that this is done immaculately is always at the top of the Husk agenda. 

Ink Gin Cocktail

Today, Husk Distillery is recognised as a prominent provider of premium liquors within Australia, including their distinctive Ink Gin. A result of experimenting with an exotic flowering legume from Thailand, that lead to utlising native bush botanicals to create a truly unique and delicious version of the classic spirit. Its distinctive colour comes from steeping and extracting butterfly pea flower leaves, which also gives it a smooth and refreshing finish. Husk represents the harmony between people and place and prides itself on delivering extraordinary drinks for all to enjoy, full of vibrancy, flavour and a bit of zing. 

Try our Ink Gin Hamper from husk Distillery for the true farm to bottle experience. 

Check out Husk Distillery’s website for more information.
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