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About Stone & Wood

About Stone & Wood

Our favourite local brewery, Stone & Wood, has become one of the hottest spots in Byron Bay. Their incredible beer creations are renowned across Australia and have even ventured over international waters. They are a staple brand within our community and a beloved stockist of ours who has had an inspirational journey. Starting with a humble shed set up, jumping to where they are today is quite the voyage. Now, with an epic brewery location in the Byron Bay industrial estate and their leading production sites in Murwillumbah and Brisbane. Built from their cultural spirit, down-to-earth team and dedicated following. 

Stone & Wood Brewery

Stone & Wood began as an idea between three friends who, after years of experience within the hospitality industry, were mutually motivated to make something of their own. Brad, Jamie and Ross are crazy passionate about producing a unique product with a fun story to match. Their goal was to establish a brand as well as a beer that is recognised and loved by a truly iconic Australian label; mission accomplished. Alongside this, their sustainable and conscious practices set them apart from many competitors. 


Operating as a force for good within the world of beer, they function as a B Corp-Certified business and are constantly adapting and monitoring their global footprint. This includes focusing on aspects like water usage, waste, energy, working with raw materials, transport, and the list goes on; their level of responsibility on an environmental front is undoubtedly admirable. They are also renowned for their work within the local community, always jumping on board with fundraisers and events in the Northern Rivers, supplying endless amounts of beer and their highly coveted merch for various non for profits and like-minded organisations. 

Stone & Wood Tasting

Their wide selection of beers, the ever-growing menu of flavours and brewing techniques result from four simple, natural ingredients, water, malt, hops and yeast. With a range of lagers and ales, there is something for everyone. Stone & Wood’s core production values include using seasonal and regional flavourings that push the boundaries on traditional combinations and working at a slower pace to refine the final result so that it truly pays homage to the land it is from. Cheers to that! 

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Check out Stone & Wood website for more information. 

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