About The Daily Bar

The Daily Bar is more than just your average snack; it is a really good for you snack. Fuelled by a passion for well-being and creating scrumptious sources of sustenance, founder Al Thursfield took the idea that health and snacking are not mutually exclusive. In fact, her deep love for organic produce and nutrient-rich ingredients sprung from a desire to establish pantry stables and on-the-go nourishment that you genuinely enjoy. Al was determined to shift the mindset and feeling that we only eat the good-for-you things because of their dietary value to a place where it's the desired (and delicious) number one choice.

One of the best parts of the Daily Bar is they taste like a treat, minus the guilt. Move over refined sugar that sends you on a rollercoaster of false energy; instead, these bite-size bars are a sustainable source of fuel that will keep you naturally going through the course of a busy day. This is achieved by substituting the usual offenders for delectable alternatives such as raw bush honey, coconut sugar and cacao. The ingredient label reads only of carefully considered combinations, full of antioxidants, healthy fats and immune-boosting qualities, to name a few. Each bar is also designed to help those with intolerances and allergies to navigate to a tasty solution; every snack bar is vegan, gluten, dairy and refined sugar-free. 

Not only do they pride themselves on sourcing the best quality natural ingredients, but so much of the Daily Bar's mission is to educate and empower people. Based in Byron Bay, they are dedicated to sharing the knowledge and means to understand the crucial link between what we put into our bodies and how we feel as a result, both locally and globally. They frequently post new and exciting recipes from protein mango pancakes to tahini and honey cookies on their blog to continue the food adventure and encourage the whole family to enjoy at-home cooking. The cherry on top? (or the double choc-fudge raspberry), all their packaging is either recycled, compostable or both because convenience and ‘fast food’ doesn’t have to cost the planet. With clever adaptations to even cuter wrappers, they have resulted in sustainable solutions and the perfect snacking essentials. 

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