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Easter Fun & Games

Easter Fun & Games


One of the fun things about Easter is the games you can play as a family. Aside from the traditional Easter egg hunt, there are lots of other games you can play, so put aside the 'adult' for a few hours and enjoy fun with the kids!

From indoor craft ideas to outdoor games, you can find something to enjoy even if the weather doesn't go your way on the day. 


1. Craft station

You can let your imagination run wild with a creative workspace. Set it up so the kids can make a mess that can be cleaned up easily - perhaps lay an old sheet on the floor.

You can make bunny ear headbands with pipe cleaners, floral head wreaths or table decorations with flowers from the garden. Colour and decorate eggs for the fun games ahead. Use this space to create what you need for the fun games to come!




2. Egg and spoon race

Have the kids line up at a starting point and give them one of their decorated eggs and a spoon. Place the egg in the spoon and race to the finish line. You can hard boil your eggs for less mess and so the eggs can simply be picked up when dropped.


3. Bunny hop

Everyone loves a good potato sack race. To make it Easter-themed you can get the kids to wear the bunny ears they created earlier. They can 'hop' into a home-sewn sack - or a pillowcase will do. Now they're ready to race. Get them to have a few races... this should burn up some of their energy. A bit of relaxation time for the adults by the time the afternoon rolls around?




4. Egg toss

Spend the morning dying and colouring your eggs - these should definitely be hard-boiled. Each child can create their own colour scheme. Set up a basket or bucket. The person with the most eggs in the basket wins a prize. 




5. Fancy egg rolling race.

A competition with your hand-painted eggs to see which one rolls the furthest.
Get creative in your craft corner and dress up some eggs for this fun family game. The aim of this game is to see who's egg can make it to the finish line first.




6. Pin rabbit tails.

At the craft table make some super cute pom poms. You can make pom poms by crafting a two cardboard circles with a hole in the centre, then wrapping wool around the cardboard. Or, you can buy pom poms from a craft store.

Print out a picture of a bunny or draw one at your craft station. Attach to the wall. Use double sided sticky tape and stick to your pom poms. Now blind fold the 'contestant', spin them around and try to stick the tail to the right place on the bunny. The closest person wins.


7. Easter egg treasure hunt.

'X' marks the spot with this Easter-themed spin on treasure hunting. Create a treasure map that shows unique features in your garden. Mark an 'X' where the treasure lies. Hide Easter goodies like chocolate eggs, bunnies and other lollies around the garden to coincide with the map. On your marks, get set, go!


8. Pass the parcel – Easter egg edition.

Sometimes the classic games are the best and pass-the-parcel is a firm favourite. Wrap your prize in lots of different layers of newspaper or wrapping paper. Have everyone sit in a circle, play some fun music and each time it's stopped the parcel holder gets to unwrap a layer.

Each layer can hold a small treat with the biggest treat in the centre.


9. Paint filled eggs for painting.

This is a really fun game that will have everybody laughing. Start in the craft corner with empty egg shells or balloons. Fill with paint.

Purchase a canvas and have turns throwing your 'paint bombs' at it. A nice keepsake at the end of the day.



10. Funny bean bag toss.

A really cute Easter-themed DIY game. Back to the craft corner! You will need a piece of blank cardboard, scissors and a black coloured marker. You can sew a carrot bean bag (orange and green felt filled with rice) or simply use a small bag full of rice.

Throw through the openings created. Whoever gets the most 'goals' wins.

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