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Easter Holiday Brunch Ideas

Easter Holiday Brunch Ideas

Easter Sunday calls for treats galore and the opportunity to introduce fun games to make a real day of it. Brunch is the perfect in-between meal for this holiday and a grazing table with everyone's favourite treats is the perfect setting. Cater for everyone’s tastes and dietary requirements with some creative savoury and sweet options to celebrate the long weekend in style. Think fruit platters for the health conscious and chocolate for everyone!

Cinnamon Rolls

For those who have a serious sweet tooth (guilty), then cinnamon rolls are a must for brunch! They are soft, gooey and, best of all, easy to make. Begin with a simple dough mix; substitute butter and regular milk with almond milk and coconut oil for a dairy-free version.

Once kneaded thoroughly, cover and set aside to rise for an hour before rolling out into a rectangular shape. Now comes the scrummy party; brush on a generous coating of either butter or coconut oil with sugar and cinnamon, then roll into a tight log shape!

Cut into even sections, and bake according to your oven settings; once golden brown, cover with a thick vanilla glaze and bon appetit! 


Perhaps pancakes tickle your fancy and are especially fun to make together! Get creative with different topping combinations like banana and peanut butter or strawberry and mascarpone. If you have vegan guests, swap the usual egg in the batter for a banana. Sounds crazy, but it really works to create a fluffy and filling pancake.  Why not add your own personal Easter flair and shape your pancakes into a cute bunny to get things hopping! 


Have you ever tried shakshuka? Shakshuka means a haphazard mixture in Arabic, which is perfect for our kind of cooking, and we have an eggcellent recipe for you! This savoury dish is ideal for sharing around the brunch table and comprises a handful of pantry ingredients.

Start with a rich tomato tin base in a skillet, mix with finely chopped up garlic and chunky capsicums, and let simmer for 15-20 minutes; the sauce needs to be thick to support the eggs, so make sure it is nicely reduced.

Spice things up with some harissa, paprika, cumin and a pinch of cayenne! When ready, crack your eggs on top of the mixture, allowing them a few centimetres apart to have space to cook; cover for 5-8 minutes, depending on your yolk preference, then sprinkle with chopped parsley, fetta and avocado for a showstopping dish! 

Chocolate Easter Hamper
If you are visiting family or friends this year, why not bring our Chocolate Easter Surprise Hamper as a generous and delicious offering! Full of the best in local treats, including the festive Loco Love chocolate hares, Byron Bay Cacao Easter Egg and cookie tin.

Or, if you want to accompany your chosen dishes with a fruity mimosa, we suggest the Gourmet Delights Hamper for a little Easter extravagance - wishing you Happy Easter from us all at Byron Bay Gifts!

Gourmet Delight

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