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How To Plan An Eco-Friendly Christmas

How To Plan An Eco-Friendly Christmas

It’s hard to wrap our heads around the fact that Christmas is only a couple of months away; where has this year gone? We all know that this time of year comes with a lot of planning, and thinking ahead is always a good idea to ensure everything goes smoothly. One critical factor to review in time for the upcoming festivities is how we can all enjoy a more conscious Christmas. The effects of environmental damage are more evident than ever, particularly after natural disasters, including floods and bushfires; now is the time for a considered change. Here are some simple but effective ways to ensure your celebrations are more eco-friendly in 2022. 

Hosting Christmas

A Christmas tree is one of the first things that come to mind during the holiday season. Opting for a live tree is a far greener choice than a reusable plastic tree. This is because reusable plastic often gets damaged and shows signs of wear and tear, meaning they get thrown out quickly and end up in landfill forever. Going natural is always a better decision; opt for a locally grown tree, and a live potted one is even better, you can reuse these for several years without having to re-plant or pot the tree yourself. If you are able to re-root and plant a tree, that is the optimum result but if not, ensure your disposed tree is recycled into mulch, allowing it to give back to the land for future trees and plants to grow. Other alternatives, such as a driftwood tree or decorating existing household plants, are more sustainable as well as more budget-friendly!

Christmas Kids

Getting creative is a fun way to bond and get into the festive spirit. Homemade cards and decorations are an excellent method to avoid buying throw-away items; they are also more personal and display a lot of effort. Make an afternoon of it and get the family involved, or make some mulled wine and dive into all the decorating fun with friends. Get into the habit of saving paper or cardboard that can be reused as one-of-a-kind designs, and indulge in your imagination! Shells or dried fruit make for beautiful additions to the table or mantlepiece, and we love the idea of using native flowers and bush cuttings for a true Aussie-style wreath. When organising your table decor and seating plan, be sure to know your number of guests ahead of time to avoid having to get last-minute plastic plates or cutlery. It is easy nowadays to find bamboo or biodegradable replacements that also look way better too. Alternatively, ask your guests to bring extra crockery from home; the more, the merrier, so any extra help will go a long way! 

Christmas time

When it comes to gifts, try to shop locally and avoid ordering items from the other side of the world. Transportation pollution is a significant offender in the industry of fast fashion and one that can be easily avoided with a bit of consideration. Find local markets or craft fairs before December; here, you can discover something artisan and totally original whilst supporting smaller businesses or creatives. Try to avoid buying toys with batteries, too; studies show that 40% of all battery sales occur during Christmas, and discarded dead batteries are an environmental hazard, so they are definitely worth avoiding. Instead, building blocks, books or toys powered by air or water are far a lot of fun without being a burden on the planet. When appropriate, hand-me-downs or recycled gifts are a sensible way of sharing the love and passing on the enjoyment to someone else. If you feel you are simply buying too many gifts and the list gets longer each year, a Secret Santa gifting game is an entertaining substitute and is a way to get everyone involved. 

If you are stuck on gift ideas, check out our range of Christmas Hampers containing locally sourced gourmet produce in carefully considered packaging for a more eco-friendly option! 

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