Interesting Engagement Stories

A proposal is a monumental moment, one where time stops still, and the purest of emotions washes over you. Joy, delight, comfort, surprise - engagements are certainly tear-jerking occasions. Not all engagement stories are smooth sailing, sometimes things go awry, but more often than not, they add to the adventure of the moment. We discovered some heartwarming tales of romance that we had to share. Forever starts here.
Not every proposal starts with one knee and a sparkling ring, there are definitely some more unconventional ideas that have been pulled off, and this is one of them! A couple living in New York, Zoe and Liam, who were avid athletes, went about their usual Saturday morning run. However, this time, Liam was adamant about trying a new route, which annoyed Zoe a little, but she went along with it; there was certainly a lot of turning and navigating the busy city streets. Once they finished their desired distance, she realised they had ended up at their first date spot on the river. He then took his phone to show her the route on their running app, and it spelt out - Marry Me? No wonder they had been squiggling about the New York sidewalks in such a mad fashion! But so worth it, and of course, she said yes. 
Another couple, Mandy and Joel, who had been dating for over a decade, went to Disney Land for a holiday. It was a magical few days with many memories made. On the last afternoon, Joel took Mandy's hand as they entered the Spaceship Earth ride and asked a stander by to take a photo of them in front of the gigantic sphere that the park is famous for. Mandy thought nothing of this; they liked to take pictures of their journeys as souvenirs of a happy time. As she turned to the camera, Joel spun around and got on one knee to say, ‘I love you more than anyone on the planet. Will, you marry me?”. It also turned out that the stranger who took the photo was their best friend in disguise who had helped plan the whole thing! They left Disney Land grinning ear to ear, giddy in love! 
One poor gentleman, Stephen, thought it would be a good idea to propose and conquer his fears in one go. Deathly afraid of heights, he decided to take his girlfriend to the top of the Eiffel Tower. For her, this was an incredible gesture; she had always wanted to see the view over Paris but knew that he was absolutely terrified of heights. As they reached the final platform, she turned to hug him to congratulate him on making it so far up, but he was so flustered from the voyage he literally screamed the proposal! With a hurry up at the end of it, she swiftly accepted, and they got the elevator back down to solid ground to start their new lives together. 
Since high school, Lizzie and Kirra had been dating and had recently renovated their first home, so they were keen to host the whole family for Christmas. Kirra was extra excited as her nephews were coming from overseas, and she was dying to spend time with them and spoil them with presents. Lizzie worked in publishing and had secretly created a pop-up book with one of the authors that was a story of their lives with a proposal at the end as the ring popped out! She wrapped it up for them to gift Kirra’s nephew. As Christmas morning came around, Kirra unwrapped this with her youngest nephew Henry; as he sat on her lap, she began to read the story to him when she quickly realised what was happening and what Lizzie had done and screamed. YES! It was extra special to have the whole family witness the moment and share an incredibly merry day together. They often re-read the story to this day and certainly have a good one of their own to tell too!
We love a happily ever after story, and these are just a few that captured our hearts. 

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