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Mother's Day Memoirs

Mother's Day Memoirs
You could say we’re pretty excited about the new gifts in store. There’s nothing quite like owning a gift business and buying all the pretty things and putting them up online to be shared. It definitely fulfils that desire to shop and everyone in the office now has beautiful nails and great makeup. It feels so good to be wearing Australian made and knowing where your goodies have come from!

Before we get on another ‘green and local’ rant (you know it won’t be the last), Mother’s Day is just around the corner. Like, literally. Poke your head around the corner and there’s Mother’s Day just at the end of the street… carrying some heavy grocery bags and looking a little frazzled. You should help her out! But hold up. Before you do, let us help you put your best foot forward with some details about our snazzy new products Mum will love you for.

INTRODUCING….BRUDDD DA DA DA DA! (That’s a drum roll for the uninitiated):

VEGAN NAIL POLISH – Say… what? Animals are used in nail polish? Yes, dear reader. The carmine beetle is crushed for it’s beautiful red-ness to provide the red in our nail polish and fish scales and oyster shells are what creates shimmers! Who knew? Well, now that you are informed you can make better choices and that begins here with over 45 nail polish colours that are not only vegan, they are animal-cruelty free, non-toxic, long wearing and beautiful!

NATURAL MAKE UP – This is not only an Australian designed product (right here in Byron Bay!) it’s also a really good makeup product. Ok. You think we’re biased and you know that we’re swayed by local and natural… and we are. But this makeup ticks so many good boxes – it’s all of the above as well as waterproof, long wearing and so luxurious to wear. Huge, HUGE fans.

AUSTRALIAN DESIGNED LEATHER BAGS – We’re in love with these beautiful bags for their soft leather and range of colours. The colours are really on trend and you can find the right colour to complement ANY outfit (go on, we dare you). The clutches are just the right size and have room for phone, sunnies, keys and cards as well as a coin/note compartment. Perfect.

ORGANIC BEAUTY PRODUCTS – Organic is best because it means no pesticides dear reader! And we support all things green and beautiful (that also haven’t been tested on animals). We’ve got some amazing body scrubs that exfoliate your skin and leave behind a soft, coconut residue, bath salts for relaxation and rejuvenation, skin creams for beauty and scented candles. Peace out, Mum.

MAGIC BEANS – If a stranger approaches you and asks you to swap some of their magic beans for your cow – say yes! Magic beans aren’t like the old days where they sprout up some nasty plant that leads you to some even nastier giants. These magic beans are the truly magical kind in that they provide sweet, loving messages engraved on their seeds. Plant them and they unfurl their uplifting messages and sprout into beautiful plants which unleash even more beautiful flowers. The gift that keeps on giving (and growing).

Now, grab those heaving shopping bags from Mum and give her a truly beautiful gift this Mother’s Day.
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