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Our Top 5 Stay-Cation Ideas

Our Top 5 Stay-Cation Ideas

Taking time off doesn’t always have to mean jumping on a plane; unwinding at home can also be a rewarding and relaxing escape. Stay-cationing has become more popular than ever as a comfortable and exciting means of holidaying and is an opportunity to take a break without breaking the bank. Exploring your local area more is a great way to get out and about without organising accommodation or travel; even bunkering down and enjoying the home comforts is an effective way to recharge away from work. We have put together a starting list of ideas to inspire you before your stay-cation begins!  

Backyard Picnic

With summer here and happening, it is time to eat al fresco! A backyard picnic is an opportunity to get creative and set up something insanely beautiful to either share with your loved ones or for a sweet solo treat. A theme can help direct your vision on both aesthetics and food, picking a cuisine or serving some of your favourite dishes will make it feel unique. A low table or wooden palettes are ideal for picnic-style eating; lay over a linen table cloth and surround with comfortable cushions and rugs to shit on. Alternatively, bring your dining table outside for a more formal arrangement. Have fun decorating the space; think textures, colour, seasonal flowers and most importantly - fun. An umbrella is good if you are dining out on a hot day. Above all, make sure you don’t go overboard with the organisation; don’t forget it is your time to unwind, so choose food and drink that won’t be too time-consuming to make; a cheeseboard, dips and fresh ingredients are all you need! Our Ultimate Indulgence Hamper makes the perfect addition to any picnic, packed with a delicious selection of savoury treats to accompany your backyard bliss! 

Rose Bath

Nothing says stay-cation like a bit of self-care. An at-home pamper session is the chance to reconnect with yourself and soothe the soul, and our Beauty Box Hamper is designed just for these moments! Run a hot bath and pour some of the Rose Romance Luxury Bath Tea, the relaxing combination of pink Himalayan, Epsom and Dead Sea salts will ease your sore muscles and your busy mind. The magnesium foot soak is another divine treat for your tootsies alongside a nourishing hemp body butter, natural loofah, and massage oil for a premium pamper! Pop on a podcast, an audiobook or meditative music for a slice of well-deserved zen from the comfort of your own bathroom. 

If you and your other half are stay-cationing together, some quality time is on the cards. A romantic dinner is an intimate and memorable way to enjoy each other's company without the hassle of booking a restaurant. Whether you order your favourite takeaway or decide to cook up a storm together, the main dish is to relish in your beloved’s company. Wine and candles are essential to setting the mood, and if you are celebrating something special, our Chandon Perfection Hamper is ideal, nothing says cheers like a glass of gourmet bubbles. This gift box also comes with a beautiful Byron Bay Candle and a luxury box of Loco Love chocolates to indulge in after as a guilt-free dessert. Lay the table with your favourite china and cutlery; if the weather permits, an outside setting under the stars is even more romantic; streamed fairy lights through the garden are another thoughtful touch. Some delightful dinner jazz music, rose petals and handwritten place settings are a few extra touches that will make the at-home experience even more heavenly. 

Date Night with Chandon

Part of any good vacation is sometimes doing nothing at all! We are all running around 24/7, and having time off to completely yourself is often needed. At home, you can fully submerge into the corners of your couch and sloth as long as you like. We love the idea of a good old-fashioned movie marathon, taking the opportunity to get into some serious classics or catch up on the latest series you never have time for on a regular evening. Investing in a projector will give you a whole new film-viewing experience, but the living room TV is excellent too. Get settled in with some tasty snacks; popcorn is a must and so easy to make yourself, just remember to put corn kernels on the shopping list! Pair this with our Chocolate Gift Hamper for when the sweet tooth cravings hit, this yummy collection of locally produced cookies, nuts and bites will keep you going through till the credits run. 

Movie Time

Many of us spend all week in the office, so spending time outdoors is important when the stay-cation time comes around. Planting a herb or vegetable garden is a lovely way to add something valuable and wholesome to your home. A little green thumb therapy is a pleasant way to decompress and is a healthy hobby to introduce to your future weekends or time off. Pick up some seeds and beds from your local garden centre and enjoy the journey of growing your own produce. Happy stay-cationing! 

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