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Spotlight on Supporting our local's suppliers!

Spotlight on Supporting our local's suppliers!


We love our local Byron Bay and all the businesses that are born here. We are so lucky to have a fantastic community of small, local and family run businesses who supply our gift packs and hampers with high quality products, gourmet nibbles and treats.

As everyone in Byron Bay is feeling the pressures of the current lockdown, we thought it would be the perfect time to introduce you to some of our favourite brands and encourage you to support them through this challenging times!



Byron Bay Candles

Beautiful, hand-poured candles made onsite in the heart of Byron Bay with the finest quality ingredients including pure soy wax, cotton wicks, pure essential oils and beautifully combined aromatic fragrances.

The team oversea the pouring process you are guaranteed of burning elements free from toxic substances such as petroleum based, paraffin waxes and paraben enhancers which can have adverse side effects on your health.

A family run business that involves passionate creatives who focus care and attention into every item produced so you experience a shared sense of harmony and balance within your world.  

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Mindful Foods

 Mindful Foods products are locally grown pesticide-free, activated in their own kitchen and packaged sustainably in the Byron Bay sunshine before being shipped out to customers Australia wide.

When you are eating from Mindful Foods you can rest assured we are going to nourish your being. Each of our products are handcrafted and packed under the Byron sunshine, then sent from their kitchen to yours with love! The Mindful team are busily dreaming up new recipes, refining all their delicious staples and so much more!

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Byron Bay Olives

Byron Bay Olive Co. believes in giving our customers the highest quality products with the most amazing flavours. 

The product range  is made with little intervention but with much knowledge, confidence and expertise. 

The gourmet olives are a treat, but also a healthy part of a regular diet. Add these tasty treats to your next bbq's and social gatherings for family and friends to enjoy!

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Byron Bay Coffee

This story begins in 1989 when Annie, Franco and their children left Sydney in search of a rural lifestyle. The family headed up the coast discovering the Byron Bay hinterland. They settled onto twelve acres, transforming the land into a coffee plantation and hobby farm.

Franco started learning the art of roasting and blending, with Annie selling the beans at the local markets and taking care of sales development and administration. The business continues to grow organically, through hard work and determination to produce the best quality coffee. They no longer farm the coffee, preferring to ethically source green bean from the premium growing regions around the world.

Three decades on, they are still operating as a family business with more passion than ever to pursue the perfect cup of coffee. They have the most amazing staff that live and breathe the coffee industry and are here to help you get the most out of your coffee experience.

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Byron Bay Cacao 

Byron Bay Cacao is a premium artisan chocolate company inspired by a simple thought –

“I am only limited by my imagination”.

At Byron Bay Cacao, our gourmet chocolates are meticulously handcrafted implementing these three key values – sourcing only the finest local and imported ingredients, applying skillful and accurate preparation, and achieving excellence in artistic presentation.

Each creation is handcrafted with the respect and care they demand, ensuring Byron Bay Cacao’s artisan chocolates are unique and luxurious from the crisp chocolate shell down to the rich, soft ganache center. It is chocolate pleasure in its purest form.

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