The Things That Make Byron ‘So Byron’

Byron is an amazing place to live, so it only makes sense that our location is the backbone of our business. Our pocket of paradise in the Northern Rivers provides a magical environment rich in culture and community and we love all of the things that make it 'so byron'.

Back in the day, there were three main groups of people in Byron, backpackers, surfers and hippies, but now it has established itself as the place to be in Australia, and with this comes a string of hilarious anecdotes. One of the ongoing patterns you notice living here is the very literal sense of six degrees of separation. Everyone knows everyone. Small town syndrome, some say, but it takes it to another level in Byron. A phrase you will hear repeatedly is, ‘a friend of a friend knows them’, it often feels more like one degree of separation. So often you meet someone new and realise you either already knew them or they are besties with your besties and so on. It is pretty magical how quickly you can assemble a family-like crew and it takes the sting out of introductions, as so frequently, the whole Byron bubble has already rendezvoused at some stage. 


Another iconic part of Byron Bay living is the fashion and clothing, or lack thereof. Nowhere else in this country will you witness so many shoeless peeps; the laid-back living is a very real thing here, and it's kind of awesome. There is also a contradicting sense of style; it is either an endless slew of hemp, linen and floral kaftans everywhere you look or, on the other hand, some barely-there bikinis, boardies or 60’s style wetsuits resurrected from the local Vinnies. You will see these side by side in beautiful contradiction, which is a perfect representation of our home; it is a place for everyone. 


When you aren’t attempting to find a park at the Pass, queuing up for avocado toast or clambering up the lighthouse, you can find yourself surrounded by the star-studded crew that graces us with their presence now and again. It goes without saying that Chris Hemsworth is a major draw; getting a glimpse of him doing the everyday things such as a woolies shop or a school drop-off can make the most mundane moments feel like a Marvel epic.  

Maybe it's the volcanic rock that Byron sits on that gives us a ‘charged energy’, but you can’t deny that there are a lot of good vibes about town. Byron can be described as a mecca of wellness, a hub of health - where people are most likely to be carrying a bouquet of kale than flowers. Activewear is a standard uniform for all activities, be it to a boutique pilates class or a voyage to the organic farmers' markets; here, it is a second skin. All jokes aside, you can’t help but feel the buzz of positivity here; if that's a consequence of aligned chakras or just a bunch of good souls around, we will guess a combination of the two; either way, there is nowhere else we would rather be. 

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