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Top 5 Birthday Party Ideas On A Budget

Top 5 Birthday Party Ideas On A Budget

Making a birthday special doesn’t always have to mean breaking the bank. Celebrations are all about love and ensuring everyone feels special; it is also an opportunity to get creative and have a bit of fun, so no matter your budget, there are many ways to enjoy a birthday occasion and have a memorable time altogether! 

Beach Birthday Picnic

An inspired and inexpensive way to celebrate a birthday is enjoying it out in nature, also known as a free and easily accessibly venue! A beach party is ideal for sunny days and means there are no restrictions on the length of the guest list. Set up some umbrellas, blankets and a volleyball net to get everyone involved. This is also an easy BYO situation; people can bring their own drinks and potential contributions to a BBQ, so you only have to worry about a few side salads, dips, chips and appointing someone reliable to be head chef on the day. If you are not near the coast, get set up in your local park and organise a potluck-style picnic where each guest brings a different dish. Big open public spaces allow for group games, from football to pass the parcel; you can make a good time for every age range, and it is particularly family-friendly. 

Dinner Party At Home

If you are hosting a party during the colder months or are concerned about unpredictable weather, then why not turn your home into the main venue. This is perfect for an intimate winter dinner party or a laid-back group luncheon. Create a simple and delicious menu with seasonal produce; opting for vegetarian or vegan dishes can save money by avoiding the higher price of meat or dairy products. A hearty rainbow vegetable lasagna, roast mushroom gnocchi or a butternut, sage and walnut quiche are just a few favourites that will make for a delightful spread to impress your guests. 

Birthday Cake

Another way to cut down on costs is to get stuck into a little DIY, from wrapping paper and party decorations to the cake itself. You would be surprised how much can be done with some imagination and a bit of advanced planning; plus, making things over buying is way more satisfying. Start by baking your cake from scratch or buying a simple one from the supermarket and up its game. Icing, candles - even adding some fresh fruit will quickly jazz it up. Next, head to your nearest supply store or stationary outlet and stock up on some colourful paper and pens to make streamers, banners, place cards and more. Sticking to a colour scheme or party theme will help angle your inspiration but the skies the limit! 

DIY Bouquet

The value comes from the sentiment when it comes to gift-giving, so there is no need to go overboard if you are sticking to a more affordable birthday this year. We love the idea of carefully cutting some flowers from your garden and spending some time arranging them at home with twine, ribbon or decorated paper; this is such a genuine and thoughtful gesture. If you are the creative type, a personalised piece of your framed artwork will be a very welcome and original present. 

Chocolate Gift Hamper

At Byron Bay Gifts, we have a selection of great gift hampers under $100 that make for an excellent birthday offering or party favour. The Chocolate Gift Hamper is great for all ages; with a collection of local artisan choccies, including cookies, bites and bliss balls - you can’t go wrong with this choice. The Prosecco Pamper Hamper is another favourite, packed with a luxury magnesium foot soak, hand and nail repair, loco love chocolates and, of course, a beautiful bottle of bubbles to pop on the big day! 

Prosecco Gift Hamper

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