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Top 5 Outrageous Celebrity Gifts

Posted on 26 July 2015

Celebrities are not your every day gift givers. When you live in mansion the size of a small neighbourhood with publicists and stylists to tell you how to talk and what to wear, your perception of reality may get a little altered. Not to mention, most celebrities have a huge wad of cash to feed aforementioned small neighbourhood for over a year. So what does one do when one has it all? What gifts do you give your cashed up friends? We've compiled a list of outrageous celebrity gifts to give you an insight into the land of extravagant gift ideas.

Dana Wilkey - While the name might not ring immediate alarm bells, you might remember Dana's guest appearance on The Real Housewives of Beverley Hills. Still no idea? She wore $25,000 sunglasses to an afternoon get together with 'the girls'. Dana's sunglasses were a gift from her fiance John Flynn for an unexplained reason but were 'authorised' by him instead of a necklace or piece of jewellery. This is one pair of sunglasses you don't want to lose.

Kim Kardashian - We all know that Kanye loves Kim - but how much? Well, the figure is undisclosed but we're guessing A LOT if Kanye's gift of a Hermes bag is anything to go by. The bag itself is worth over $40,000 but Kanye's special treat of additional artwork makes the bag one of a kind. The artwork is by none other than George Condo, a contemporary American artist who has taught at Harvard University and has works permanently on display in the Whitney and Guggenheim museums. His work sells in the thousands. So, expensive bag plus personalised artwork by famous artist multiplied by the fact that the bag is a gift from Kanye to Kim equals? Priceless!

Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie - What do you get the man in your life for his 50th birthday when he (literally) has everything? How about a heart-shaped island to express your feelings? Angeline Jolie purchased a small island with the large price tag of $12.2 million dollars for Brad's birthday. It has the added bonus of properties on the island being designed by Brad's favourite architect Frank Lloyd Wright. Just off the coast of New York this little spot of paradise offers privacy and seclusion... we've heard of heart-shaped chocolates but heart-shaped islands take the cake!

Oprah Winfrey - To have your book touted on Oprah often ended in the book being on many best sellers lists. This is exactly what happened to Jessica Seinfeld (wife of Jerry) when she wrote a cookbook and promoted it on Oprah's show. When Jessica's book became a hit she thanked Oprah by sending her shoes! But not just a few pairs, Jessica sent Oprah 21 pairs - many of them designed by the infamous Christian Louboutin. Now, that's a thank you gift a girl can appreciate.

Beyonce Knowles & Jay Z - These two know how to shop and they've got the money to prove it! So, when you need a gift for your man, something that he doesn't have, you have to get a little creative. Beyonce picked up a Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport as a wee gift for her hubby. Car names don't mean much to us but we know that it goes from 0 to 100 in 2.4 seconds and only 30 were ever made. To top that off, this car has the cool price tag of $2 million dollars.

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