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Need Unique Gifts for Christmas? Look Locally.

Need Unique Gifts for Christmas? Look Locally.
As people head out Christmas shopping, everyone seems to have at least one or two people on their list who are extremely difficult to shop for. The person who seems to have everything, the business associate they barely know—each Christmas shopping list has its own challenges.

Many shoppers tend to make the mistake of focusing their efforts on large retailers. They wander the aisles, taking in the usual collections of perfumes, scarves, clothing, and jewellery. Each of these gifts tend to lack flair, seeming as though they’ll simply blend in with the bevy of other impersonal gifts under the tree each year. Instead of roaming the aisles at Myer, shoppers should consider the benefits of choosing businesses that offer specialised gifts or gifts only available in your hometown. Here are a few tips to choosing the best unique gifts for those on your list.

Use Gift Baskets

A wide variety of gift baskets are available online, both of a local and personal interest nature. If you can’t find the basket you’re looking for, make one yourself by hitting local shops and purchasing items for your basket.

Shop Boutiques

Small boutiques stock items not found in department stores. Byron Bay Gifts is one such retailer. Providing locally-made items and gourmet foods, the Byron Bay-based boutique gives customers worldwide the ability to send a gift sourced directly from the popular tourist destination. The Internet has opened up “local giving” to customers who may not be based in an area at the time, but still want to send a gift from a hometown or favorite vacation spot.

Personalise Items

Personalisation can make even the most common Christmas gift special. Personalised ornaments that express a recipient’s personal interests or a coffee mug with a child’s picture give the recipient a unique gift that will likely become a treasured keepsake.

For those hard-to-buy-for recipients on your Christmas list this year, instead of shopping the usual department stores, consider finding a local item that will resonate far more than a typical, generic gift.
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