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About Byron Bay

We love Byron Bay for its beaches, the lighthouse walk, the restaurants, the locals, the tourists and more!


Byron Bay

Byron Bay, the Eastern-most point of Australia is a relatively small town with a population of approximately 9,000 people. The area around Byron Bay includes places like Mullumbimby, Bangalow and Brunswick Heads. The population of Byron Bay swells with the massive influx of tourists every year. Tourists add an additional 1.7 million people to the Byron Bay population making the town a hive of activity with many accommodation and tourism options.

Byron Bay is a magical spot renowned for its beautiful beaches, stunning hinterland and eclectic mix of people. One of the major attractions in Byron Bay is the lighthouse which sits proudly on Cape Byron. Captain Cook, who anchored off the point in 1770, named the area after Lord Byron who was also a broad traveller.The lighthouse walk offers stunning coastal views of Cape Byron and is an undulating 3.7km long. It's a loop track that is well worth the walk with open, light spaces overlooking the ocean (and the occasional whale or two) and secluded forested sections. Like its name, the walk takes in the Byron Bay lighthouse as just one of many sightseeing spots along the trail.

The Community

There are a number of unique and extraordinary business operators in the area who utilise the abundant farm land and nutritious soil to create gourmet food and luxury beauty products. Farming practices utilise what grows well in the area particularly products with Macadamias, coffee, Tea Tree and more. Other Australian ingredients include the Rosella flower, Lemon Myrtle and local peppers which add a uniquely Australian flavour to the gourmet foods on offer.

There are an abundance of markets in Byron Bay where you can meet all your gourmet food needs and often these are locally produced and made using sustainable farming practices. Try a creamy Byron Bay coffee, bush spices and marinades made using Australian ingredients, honeys, teas... the selection is amazing. There are also markets that offer handmade clothes, baby gifts, locally designed jewellery and if you're looking for a unique gift, Byron Bay's markets are the place to find it.


There are a huge number of accommodation options in Byron Bay ranging from Bed & Breakfast to more opulent homes. There are backpackers in and around the town centre as well as campground facilities. You can choose between the sweeping paddocks and forests of the hinterland or one of the cosy beachside communities that dot the coastline in and around Byron Bay.

Luxury accommodation is at its best in the area with many beautiful homes available for rent. Most rental properties in the Byron Bay township have a three night minimum stay which might be just long enough to experience some of the amazing adventures you can have in the area.

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