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Brisbane, the third largest city in Australia, is found in the state of Queensland. The city is situated on the Brisbane River which was named after Sir Thomas Brisbane, a Scotsman and the Governor of New South Wales between 1821 and 1825. It’s one of the oldest cities in Australia and well known for its hot, humid summers and mild winters. Brisbane is also famous for the distinctive ‘Queenslander’ architecture. These homes were created raised off the ground, to provide natural ventilation and often have large, wrap-around verandahs to enjoy the outdoor lifestyle provided by the balmy Queensland climate. South and North of the Brisbane CBD you can visit the world-renowned tourist destinations of the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast.

Before it became a city, Brisbane was called home by two indigenous tribes, the Jagera, and Turrbal people, who called the place Mian-jin, which can be translated “the place shaped like a spike”. Remember the movie Jackie Chan’s ‘First Strike’, released in 1996? Several scenes from Brisbane’s China Town in Fortitude Valley, appeared in the movie. Also, barracks holding 1000 convicts existed on Queen Street between 1827 and 1830. These days, the convicts have happily been replaced by boutique shopping with over 1,000 boutiques and stores available in the city. An old water reservoir built between 1871 and 1882, which was Brisbane’s main water supply until it was closed in 1962, has been transformed into an opera performance space. The interior space is completely refurbished and modernized, although the historic and industrial feel of the water reservoir was preserved.

The city is also home to numerous landmarks, each of them having their own charm. You can start by visiting the Story Bridge, one of the main landmarks of Brisbane that was built in the late 1930s. When it was constructed, it was considered a real victory of engineering and is well-used today for commuters travelling across the Brisbane River and into the city. Don’t miss Anzac Square, a place where you can see a monument that honors the memory of people that died in combat. Statues, gardens, and an “Eternal Flame” can be seen at this location. If you want to see classical Victorian architecture then visit Brisbane City Hall, built in the middle of the 19th century. The city hall is also the venue for numerous events, such as concerts, due to the rather impressive circular concert hall that lies within the building.

Just like many other large cities in Australia, Brisbane enjoys a multicultural population. More than 32% of the city’s population was born outside of Australia, while more than half of the city’s population has at least one parent that was born overseas. From the entire city’s inhabitants that were born overseas, the highest numbers come from New Zealand, England, Mainland China, and India. In fact, Brisbane has the largest population of inhabitants born in New Zealand and Taiwan, than on the entire Australian continent.

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