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Sydney is a gorgeous city that’s a must-visit on any tour of Australia. You won’t have time to get bored in Sydney because there’s always something going on and lots of things to see. Formed around the world’s largest natural harbour, there is easy access to the water from many suburbs, and if you want to call yourself a real Sydney-sider, you’ll get involved in the BBQ and beach lifestyle.

The beauty of the harbour has made Sydney famous around the world. Boats of all sizes can be viewed on the water and many locals use boats for their commute to the city. Sydney is also famous for its Harbour Bridge, an iconic landmark and location where people gather for a fantastic New Year’s Eve celebration to see the fireworks that are launched from the top of the bridge.

Sydney’s Opera House, a structure with modern and intriguing architecture is the center of cultural life in Sydney. Many artistic events take place at the Opera House, and there’s a good chance something world-class will be showing. If not, you can still enjoy a behind-the-scenes tour that will allow you to see the beauty of the Opera House from the inside. Enjoying a drink at the Opera Bar which is located right next to the waterfront, provides breathtaking views and unforgettable memories to take home.

There are many other landmarks that are worth visiting while in Sydney so make sure you check out places like the Queen Victoria Building, where you can do some shopping or just enjoy old English architecture. Saint Mary’s Cathedral is another beautiful spot to visit and boasts awesome Gothic architecture. Also, don’t miss the Sydney Tower Eye, a place where you can taken in a panoramic view of the entire city, sea, and surrounding mountains.

In June 2016, statistics showed that 5,029,768 people were living in Sydney. What’s stunning about Sydney’s population is that a large degree of people are immigrants with the largest ancestry groups being English followed by Irish, Chinese, and Scottish. This diverse cultural range creates an exciting and unique city environment that mustn’t be missed on any visit to Australia.