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20 Ways To Celebrate Good Times

Celebrate With Friends and Sparklers


It's important to celebrate! There’s so many reasons and ways to celebrate and you can celebrate not only the big things, but all the little things as well. It’s really important to always acknowledge even the little things and show yourself some love. This way your life will be full of personal wins and congratulations.

If you need some inspiration to get started read our 20 tips for getting your celebration on with creative ways to enjoy all the things in life… no matter how big or small!  

1. Have an at home spa day. Go to your local store and grab a facemask, some cucumber, a scented candle and put your feet up for a couple of hours.

2. Go on an adventure, even if it is just down the road.

3. Buy a fancy celebration cake, the kind that you need to go to the counter and get your name written in big, fancy letters.

4. Have a party, but not just any party, have a themed party! Something fun like when you were younger. If you got engaged why not have a princess party with the jumping castle and all. Or if you finally finished that big essay for the term, why not have a onesie party?

5. Crack open a bottle of Veuve, because you deserve nice Champagne.

6. Instead of going out, buy yourself a fancy gift hamper with all the things… chocolates, wine, biscuits, mud face masks. Now indulge.

7. Use the nice china and glassware, because it shouldn’t be hidden away.

8. Send yourself flowers, like the kind you need to get hand delivered. While you’re at it, add an ‘I Love You’ note. Because you do, that’s why.

9. Binge watch your favourite tv show and eat your favourite snacks.

10. Blast your favourite song and do a little happy dance, there are so many incredible health benefits for dancing.

11. Go out for dinner, somewhere really nice where you have to dress up.

12. Switch everything off, your phone, your laptop, the tv, and just go spend time outside.

13. Buy yourself something shiny, something that you’ve had your eye on and wear it like a trophy of awesomeness.

14. Plan a vacation. You don’t have to pay for it all straight away, put down a deposit so you know it’s actually happening and have something great to look forward too. Jetstar always have flash sales that are for flights in 8 months or so time.

15. Make a change... move around the layout of your home furniture, declutter, renew and refresh.

16. Try a new makeup trend or hair style.

17. Call someone you love and tell them about your accomplishments.

18. Invite all of your friends over for a pot luck and before you sit down to eat, go around and ask everyone to brag about something (big or small) that they’ve achieved recently.

19. Cook yourself something special, like a really complicated decadent dessert, and enjoy every mouthful. 

20. Take a ritual bath. Baths are good for the mind, body and soul. You can soak for hours on end, pretend that you are a mermaid, sip wine and just relax. And if you make your bath a little more intentional, it can become literal magic. Add some lavender and rose essential oils to the tub, throw in a few flower petals, light a few candles. If you are feeling extra special, add some bio glitter. Taking a magnesium and Epsom salt bath is another way to physically and mentally relax, helping you get ready for your next accomplishment.



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