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Self-Love Tips

Self-Love Text With Heart

Last week was ‘World Mental Health Day’ and it really got me thinking about how important self-love and self-care is and should be a part of our daily lives.
It’s all too often I see people putting others before themselves, so much so that they forget themselves all together. Now I’m not saying that we should not think of others, because we really should, but let’s not forget to look after ourselves also

Don’t get self-care and self-love confused with ‘being selfish’. Sometimes, I feel that’s why some people push it away, but you know what... sometimes its ok to be selfish! Because at the end of the day, it is just you, and you need to look after you too. 

One of the main excuses people have for not practising self-love is that they don’t have the time. The great news is that there are many different self-care practices, and they’re not difficult and don’t need a lot of planning. The trick is to find the ‘ritual’s you enjoy, that fit with your life and values. Once you start adding self-love to your life, you’re likely to become fiercely protective of that time and wonder how you ever managed without it! 

Here are some examples of the self-love practices that I do to help you on your way.

“Self-love is taking some time every single day to exist quietly with yourself.”


I LOVE tea, especially herbal tea. My tea routine allows me to wake up, de-stress, or relax depending on the tea I choose. Noticing my mood and physical reactions allows me to mindfully choose a tea that will help me. Giving myself that time in the morning, afternoon, and evening to feel more like myself has done wonders for my mental health. Tea has a crazy amount of health benefits too.

A tea that I have recently fallen in love with is a brand called ‘Mayde tea’. These tea blends are lovingly created by naturopath Kate Dalton and they range from rejuvenating breakfast teas to aromatic herbal blends for energy, restoration and digestion. This range of teas is hand made in small batches, with love – which seems to add to the flavour!


I love essential oils and carry them with me everywhere I go. When I get out of the shower in the morning I put on Soak Byron Bays Organic Botanical Rose Oil, it hydrates my skin and gives me that glow. At night I use the Lavender Body Oil in my baths, or just on my skin after a shower and the lavender really soaks in and gets me to that relaxed state ready for bed.
If I am feeling a bit congested or fluey I put ‘Breathe Easy’ blends into my humidifier.
Long story short, they play a big role in my everyday life. 

I am a strong believer that baths are good for the mind, body and soul. I love lush bath bombs, bath milks and bath teas that have Epsom salts in them. As much as a bath is peaceful for the mind, it's so nice for my muscles after an adventure-day or gym sesh, too!
Throw in a few scented candles and you have described my paradise.

At least once a week I like to switch off my phone or at least social media for the afternoon/night and just be with myself or friends.
I promise it's okay! At first it will feel weird, but after an hour you will feel so refreshed that you do not have to rely on the World Wide Web to be happy and entertained.  

I feel like this kind of ties into turning off my phone, except it I am turning off my mind, or at least my thoughts. Since I started doing meditation and going to meditation workshops I feel like I have more control over my mind, and more clarity. Meditation is that time for just you, it is really special. There are great apps that can help you get started, I recommend


I used to see going to the gym as a chore, I was so focused on losing weight and being ‘skinny’, that I would be so hard on myself if I didn’t lose that extra kilo or centimetre each week.
It got too much so I put my foot down and changed my mind set and approach towards the gym. I now see it as a way to be fit, strong, healthy and happy.
Also, the boost of endorphins helps.


In light of this, to help you along your Self-Love journey we are giving away one pamper hamper this week. The Gift Ideas – I Love You This Much.
It includes all the things for you to spend one afternoon (several afternoons) pampering yourself.
-Byron Bay Candle (approx. 50 hours burn time)S
-Sanctum Organic Body Spa (200g)

-Macadamia Massage Oil (100ml)
-ReFresh Body Lotion (250ml)
-Magic Eye Gel (25g)
-Saltie Soul Exfoliating Body Scrub (200g)
-Natural Body Soap (100g)
-Byron Chai Tea (100g)
-Box of Chocolates (assortment of six)
-Duck Creek Trio of Macadamias (45g)

The competition will launch the 17thof October on our Instagram Page and
closes midnight AEST Sunday 21st of October. Winner drawn randomly and announced within 24 hours of this time/date.

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