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5 Luxury Experiences To Have in Byron Bay

Byron Bay Luxury Experiences

We are so fortunate to call Byron Bay home, it is a truly special place, overflowing with natural beauty, great people and a range of luxury experiences to enjoy.

Why not indulge a little on your next trip to the Northern Rivers? With such a rich variety of activities, from top tier food and wine to some more daring ways to spend an afternoon, for those who desire a little more adrenaline in their adventures! We have round-up our top 5 luxury experiences in our local land for you to enjoy.

Luxury Harmony Hamper

Luxury Harmony Hamper

Horse Ride on the Beach

Is there anything more idyllic than riding a horse on the bright white sands of Belongil Beach? Zephyr Horses are the ultimate in horseback riding when it comes to both location and style. Their coastal ranch is sat perfectly between the bush and the water, so you can choose between a forest or ocean side ride. Their private tours will immerse you in the full Byron Bay experience.

Horseriding in Byron Bay

A Local's Lunch at Harvest

Located in the charming town of Newrybar, only a stone’s throw from Byron Bay, Harvest is a truly special spot. Offering the finest in both local and seasonal produce, their restaurant specialises in sustainable preparation. Each member of their welcoming staff are well-versed in everything Harvest stands for, from the artisan bakery to the delicious organic and natural wines that pair perfectly with their ever-changing menu. This will be a meal to remember.

Visit Comma Spaces for a world class massage

At Comma Spaces, the approach to wellness goes beyond conventional treatments; it is a carefully curated experience meant to induce a state of deep relaxation and renewal. Visitors can indulge in a variety of massages and facials and, each designed to promote healing and well-being.

The ambiance of Comma Spaces, with its serene settings, natural materials, and spaces designed to bring the outside in, perfectly complements Byron Bay's tranquil atmosphere. This retreat is more than just a place for physical relaxation—it's a journey towards inner peace and wellness, making it a must-visit destination for anyone looking to unwind and rejuvenate in Byron Bay's idyllic setting.

Relax at Raes Hotel

It wouldn’t be a Byron Bay trip without a visit to Raes Hotel. Sitting in the heart of Wategoes Beach, this well-known courtyard of blue and white offers a little extravagance amidst a summer’s day. Enjoy a fresh cocktail from the Cellar Bar alongside a decadent antipasto under the swaying palm trees, pure paradise. 

Hello Helicopter Ride

Last but not least, get a true birds-eye view of the stunning East Coast Line with Fly Byron, offering a unique not to mention deluxe form of transport over the Cape. Glide over beaches, valleys, peaks and waterfalls, there is so much to see from the air so why not do it in style? 

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