The Benefits Of Supporting Local Businesses

The Benefits Of Supporting Local Businesses

As most will already know, we here at Byron Bay Gifts love to celebrate other businesses. And we pride ourselves on a business model that boxes local, compatible products together into thoughtfully curated hampers. 

Each and every brand we support, we completely cherish, and we can truthfully hold our hands up and we say that we enjoy all products on a personal level. Knowing this, you can take extra comfort in the fact that every hamper is fused together with love, making them that extra bit special!

But besides our love for the products, there are other clear benefits to keeping things local. 

Mel holding a Byron Bay Gifts box.

Environmental Sustainability

The proof is in the pudding. Supporting local means less transportation which, in turn, means less carbon footprint. Not only that, but as it's brought directly to us there’s less need for waste.

Brookie's Gin Cocktail


Community Togetherness & Wellbeing 

Keeping it local means we can build a stronger community and strengthen our economic and social relationships; keeping our towns alive!

Butterburst Biscuits


Character and Charm

Avoiding heavily mass-produced goods and instead supporting local businesses ensures one-of-a-kind products with more of a distinctive character and charm.

Indie Rose Body Oil

Product Diversity

Small, local businesses guarantee a broader range of products based on the needs of their local customer. Meaning, you can source those special treats you’ve been searching for!

Lovers Box By Loco Love

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