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5 Minutes with Byron Bay Bliss Balls

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Byron Bay Bliss Balls is making and distributing yummy and healthy bliss balls to Cafes, Organic/Health Shops, Fine Supermarkets and many other businesses across Australia.

They are Australian owned, Australian made and are using only organic or natural ingredients. Their products are handmade, gluten free, nut free and preservative/additive free.

We spent five minutes with Byron Bay Bliss Balls, to find out a little more about the business.

Tell us your business name and what your role is?

Byron Bay Bliss Balls - Owner & Bliss Ball maker

Tell us what inspired you to start your business?

Making yummy and healthy food with honest ingredients for people in Australia

How long has your business been going?

11 years.

How did you come up with your product and packaging?

Our bliss balls were born by putting simple local ingredients together to make the perfect healthy, gluten free and nut free snack. It started to be sold loose in jars on the counter of Byron Bay cafes and health shops back in 2009, it was the perfect guilt-free treat on the go. Quickly, our customers asked to be able to buy them now and eat them later or to offer them to friends and family. So we introduced a fancy little box of 2 bliss balls. Since then, we kept the original 100% natural bliss ball recipes and these 2 packaging formats while continuously improving its design and sustainability.

What have you learnt about your business along the way?

I learned that it is important to always listen to customers and build long-term trust relationships with all stakeholders involved in the business.

What inspired your business name and logo?

Our name is really straight forward but our logo has been redesigned in 2019. The idea was to keep the roots of the original logo with the same fun font, to introduce an icon of Byron Bay lifestyle with the palmtree, the beach and the surfboard, and to put all of that together within a round stamp style representing the long-time tradition and quality of our products.

What’s new for your business over the next 12 months?

Introducing our products to more States like SA, WA or TAS.

What’s your favourite place in Byron Bay?

The beach! I just want to sit in the sand and look at the water with the sound of the waves in my ears. There is nothing more relaxing for me!

Sum your business up in five words?

We love what we do!

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