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5 Minutes with The Australian Essential Oils Specialist 'Essentially Australia'

5 Minutes with The Australian Essential Oils Specialist 'Essentially Australia'

Essentially Australia was created in 2012 by Greg Trevena to provide the biggest range of Australian essential oils in the world. They aspire to offer premier aromatic and medicinal products for the mind, body and home, all of which are derived from Australian native oils.

We spent five minutes with Greg to find out a little more about his business.

Tell us your business name and what your role is?

Essentially Australia, founder, owner, manager

Tell us what inspired you to start your business?

Learning about Australian ecology and all it has to offer (also Bush Tucker Man ABC TV series), using Australian nature in a sustainable way

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How long has your business been going?

Est. September 2012

How did you come up with your product and packaging?

Learnt heaps about Australian ecology and indigenous use of Australian plants, the essential oils flowed from the plants, our name reflects what we do pretty well, our packaging is reuseuable glass and recycled paper

What have you learnt about your business along the way?

Plants take a real long time to grow and mature, native plants included

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What inspired your business name and logo?

We just focus on native Australian essential oils, our name reflected this, the logo is a picture of the globe, the line in the middle of the globe is the equator, A is for Australia (southern hemisphere), E is for 'everywhere else' (in the northern hemisphere, we don't get involved with other countries natural plants and oils) as well as E for 'Essentially'

What’s new for your business over the next 12 months?

Launch a few new Australian essential oils which are really amazingly scented and we know are super popular from our trials and market testing, they are very different to anything else scent wise, in the world of essential oils

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What’s your favourite place in Byron Bay?

Wategoes to lighthouse forest/walk

Sum your business up in five words?

we live with Australian nature
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