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About Dom Perignon

About Dom Perignon

If you are after luxury, then look no further than Dom Perignon. This vintage-only champagne house is named after a French Benedictine monk who pioneered various wine-making techniques during the 1670s. His imaginative and rigorous experiments included changing how the wine was harvested, bottled and fermented, which resulted in the natural production of the fine bubbles in sparkling wines that we know and love today. The development of this as champagne didn’t occur till the 19th century, long after Dom Perignon had passed away, an indication of how ahead of his time and the innovative thinking behind the opulent brand that exists now. 

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Dom Perignon is exclusively vintage champagne, meaning the grapes used to harvest each bottle must be from the same year. If the growing conditions do not meet the high-quality production levels, they simply won't offer a vintage for that year. Typically over a decade, only six out of the ten years will meet the top standards required by their chef de cave. Dom Perignon is dedicated to paying homage to each year through carefully curated bottles that appropriately symbolise the passing of time and history in the making, the minimum time a bottle is aged is seven years, but some are stored away for much, much longer. There are some long-term reserved batches that they like to keep on the down low to meet demand at a later stage. Dom Perignon is owned by world-renowned Champagne House, Moët & Chandon, it acquired Dom Perignon as its top Cuvee in 1921, but as a vintage, it was not released until 1936 in New York. After this, its popularity soared, and bottles were sought after by some of the most affluent figures across the country, which added to its prestige and allusive narrative. 

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It is recognised today by its iconic bottle, distinctive shape and antique labelling, but it is its unique flavouring that makes it emblematic. Dom Perignon is always a blend of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay that varies in balance based on the flavour profiles of the particular year. These create a fresh, dry palate with notes of sandalwood, nectarine and soft praline. Each year is an opportunity to rework and reinvent the flavours and beloved tastes that make Dom Perignon so desirable. It is no wonder they have such an eclectic support network from the likes of James Bond (a bottle was once used as a weapon in the 1955 film Goldfinger), King Charles and music legend Lenny Kravitz, to name a few. 

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If you are after tasting some of these exquisite bubbles yourself, then check out our Limited Edition Dom Perignon Gift Hamper just in time for Christmas to cheers with someone special. 


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