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Top 5 Christmas Gift Ideas On A Budget

Top 5 Christmas Gift Ideas On A Budget

Somehow it is already time to be thinking about Christmas Gift shopping, and we all know how quickly December vanishes, so we wanted to help you get a head start on your present purchasing! Not everyone has the means to go all out, and it has been a tough few years, so sticking to a budget is a very normal and healthy practice. This doesn’t mean you need to scrimp on quality or fun; think of it as being bougie frugal, a smart way to get your loved ones some really great gifts that look and feel expensive without wreaking havoc on your wallet or new years financial resolutions! 

Whether you are on the hunt for Mum, brother or BFF, a brand-new beach towel is a universally loved present, especially with the summer holidays just around the corner. A decent-sized towel is a versatile gift that can be used for picnics, ocean dips and all the fun seasonal activities. Brands like Pillow Talk have a great range of designs that will appeal to the whole family, like Turkish Style Towels or mix things with a Large Round set-up from local Byron Bay brand, Beach People. 



Everyone enjoys a comforting cup of tea, coffee or adaptogenic hot chocolate, so something as simple as a good-looking mug makes for a fantastic gift. Let your loved one be reminded of you whenever they reach for it in the cupboard at the start of the day. Robert Gordon has been producing beautiful pottery since 1945. We adore their unstated, traditional designs that stand the test of time; this classic Olive Mug is hand-dipped and comes in a cute calico bag, ready to go for the gift-giving season! If a glass mug is more appropriate for a cool, refreshing tonic, this Glass Pair is ideal for sharing with friends. 

For all the hot sauce lovers, Chillibom have a massive collection of hot sauces, relishes and other condiments ranging from a subtle sting to a full-blown heat wave, depending on your recipient's taste buds! They also have gluten-free, vegan and allergy-friendly options so anyone can get involved. For the serious chilli addicts out there, gift a spicy subscription, where they receive a new box of different sauces to try every month; just remember to pack some milk for the next BBQ they host! Check out some of their recipes online and get involved in the kitchen for a fiery festive season with friends. 

Addition Studio Candle

Gift some gorgeous Australian aromas this year with Addition Studios Sunflower Galaxy Candle, available from Loyal Crush. It is scented with natural oils, including soothing lavender, cedarwood and black pepper, for a homely but fresh fragrance that oozes class and looks extra chic. They also offer a stunning selection of Incense Bundles that are cost-effective but still a top-tier and trending present idea this holiday. 

Merry Christmas Hampers

If you are turning up to Christmas lunch or celebration and aren’t sure what to bring, then check out our curated range of Christmas Hampers ranging between $50-$99. The Merry Christmas Hamper is full of delicious treats bound to keep everyone jolly; indulge in some mango butter biscuits and lemon-infused white chocolates with some complimentary bonbons to get in the spirit. Or, bring the bubbles with our Prosecco Christmas Hamper, perfect for a long lunch and unwrapping gifts galore! 

Prosecco Christmas Hamper

And if spending isn’t an option this year, don’t be discouraged; jump into creativity and community this Christmas. Never underestimate the power of a thoughtfully crafted gift. From a homemade painted plant pot, an IOU massage, or a future babysitting offer, the options are endless; we all have so much to offer that our loved ones will always be greatly appreciative of. 

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