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About Kitz Living Foods

About Kitz Living Foods

Northern Rivers brand Kitz Living Foods began their delicious family-run business in their kitchen at home back in 2006. Founders Mandy and Scott have paved the way for premium plant-based products on the market, both sweet and savoury, as well as being lovingly handmade. They also prioritise creating nutritious and mindful snacks that are suitable for everyone, from those with strict dietary restrictions to those with none; their tasty treats appeal to one and all. 


Kitz’s eco-driven work ethic is the backbone of who they are and why they do what they do with passion and a mission for well-being; Kitz thrives by using only the best local ingredients they can. Nothing is artificial or modified; authenticity is at the centre of each product, alongside health and happiness with every bite. Their ever-growing range includes premium plant-based, grain-free snacks, including gorgeous pantry staples and more delectable goodies. They love switching things up, trying new flavours and are always on the quest to source the most favourable flavour combos for everyone to enjoy. Core steps in their creative processes are put in place to ensure that what we put in our bodies from Kitz Living is of the highest nutritional value possible. For example, soaking all their seeds and nuts overnight breaks down certain enzyme prohibitors, making them much easier to digest whilst retaining the scrumptious nutty texture and taste that keeps you full and satisfied. They also gradually dehydrate their fruits and other ingredients rather than cooking them; this holds as much of the wholesome vitamins and fibres alive and well, meaning the most nourishing they can be! 

Organic Food Hamper

Each one of their hand-crafted snacks is designed with so much intention. Their thoughtful approach to using fresh and healing ingredients that cater to all dietary requirements sets them apart. We love the banana date walnut chunks; they are the perfect treat - both chewy and crunchy; this paleo-friendly snack is high in disease-fighting antioxidants, potent in potassium and gentle on your digestive system. The coconut dream cherry Inca berry slice is also excellent to share with your loved ones; the Inca berry and cherry combo is a natural sweetener and is super high in vitamin c. 

Situated in the beautiful Tweed Valley, their factory location is exclusively powered by renewable energy, and all their retail packaging is compostable or recyclable. They create everything in small batches to ensure their stock is as fresh as possible when it reaches its customers. By using seasonal ingredients, their offering is always more nutritious as nothing has had to travel very far. Their happy-go-lucky energy is infectious, and alongside their high-quality products that provide the best of the best from our stunning Northern Rivers region, Kitz is a brand we simply love working alongside here at Byron Bay Gifts. 

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For more information - take a look at Kitz Living Foods website

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