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About Sanctum Organics

About Sanctum Organics

At Byron Bay Gifts, we are all about supporting natural, carefully curated products from local brands that aren’t afraid to push boundaries and go out of their way to make something unique. Sanctum Organics are all about these qualities and so much more; they have dedicated decades to producing skincare that is all-inclusive—nurturing skin of all ages and needs by utilising effective active and organic ingredients through a deep knowledge of biochemistry and making the most of plant-based alternatives to modern day cosmetics. 

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It all began in 1992; after moving to Byron for a desirable, slower-paced lifestyle for their family, Greg and Jicky Milham became inspired by the beautiful surroundings and health-driven culture of the Northern Rivers. Having first-hand experience in Sydney's cosmetic and beauty industry, they wanted to move away from using toxic chemicals and large-scale production. The goal was to remain natural whilst creating products that actually work and achieve results; through this vision, Sanctum Organics was born. A family-run business, they are still a small team that channels the company ethos down to the finest details. From marketing to finance to the biochemists in the laboratory, working with integrity sits at the core of every decision made. Their charitable donations and contribution to the community are part of this, donating to causes like mental health, environmental protection and preservation and education. They are always thinking about how they can get involved and help both today and in the future. 

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The Sanctum product range is ever-growing; there is something for every family member. They are globally recognised and have won several awards for their Australian-made formulation; every product is cruelty-free, packaged in recycled and recyclable tubes with ethically sourced vegan ingredients. They categorise each item to suit different skin types; a few favourites include the deliciously scented natural soaps, skin-firming body spa, and deeply hydrating face moisturiser. Sanctum Organics is a global brand continuously committed to an affordable price point, making it available to all, as they strongly believe that skincare and cosmetics are universal essentials. 

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Check out our range of hampers and gift boxes that carry a variety of Sanctum Organics products, and get ready for a well-deserved pamper session!


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