About The Byron Bay Coffee Co.

There is nothing better than a pure brew first thing in the morning; it can fall under many synonyms nowadays; a cup of joe, bean juice, java…regardless of its title, coffee is our favorite way to start the day. The thing with coffee, like good cheese or fine wine, you don’t want to scrimp on quality; and that's where the Byron Bay Coffee Co comes in. They strive to earn a deep knowledge of the process of coffee, from the journey of a growing bean, through its farming stages to the beloved beverage it becomes. Good produce is all about method, from the small details to the large; Byron Bay Coffee Co knows that being a part of every single stage is essential to fully understand and be proud of the product. 


The story began when founders Frankie Ivancich and his wife Annie decided to leave the hustle and bustle of Sydney in exchange for a more laid-back way of living. Their answer? Byron Bay. The family quickly settled onto a twelve-acre farm in the stunning hinterlands surrounding the Cape and lively town, where they felt right at home. Over time they gradually transformed the land into a working coffee plantation. Like many growing businesses in the area, they started to sell at the local markets, which quickly grew into a popular product beyond the weekly stalls. Clients poured in left, right, and centre; no wonder they had a killer product from Franco’s extensive learning in the art of roasting and blending, matched with Annie’s brilliant marketing mind, they were unstoppable. 


Today they find themselves over three decades later with an incredibly established business. One that has ventured far and wide across the country and is also recognised on a global platform. Over the years, their range has expanded to chocolate, tea, accessories and much more. Led by Franco and Annie, they still reside on the same farm, alongside a dedicated local team that works to maintain the strong family spirit as well as the sustainable backbone of Byron Bay Coffee Co. At the end (or the beginning) of the day, their goal is for everyone to rise with the sun adjacent to a really, really good cup of coffee. 


As one of our beloved stockists, check out our hampers that carry many products from the Byron Bay Coffee Co. 

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