How To Give A Baby Gift On A Budget

Giving baby gifts at a baby shower can be a challenge. You might be wondering what other guests will bring as you don't want to double up. You also don't want to look too cheap if other guests are spending quite a bit on their gift. However, if on a budget there has to be a way to for you to compromise and get a gift that doesn't look too cheap and will be highly valued by the new mum. Yours can be a gift to remember by following one (or all) of our handy gift giving hints.


Well, you could make a cake in the shape of a nappy (that would actually be kind of cute) but what we're talking about is an original way of presenting a Mummy must-have - nappies! All you need is a pack of nappies (how many is up to you - depending on how big you want your cake). Start with a large cardboard circle as the base for placing your nappies. Get some nappies with a nice pattern on them, roll them up and secure with a rubber band or hair tie. Keep going until you have 15 or so and arrange them in a circle - one in the centre and the rest placed closely around until the circle gets bigger and bigger. Take a nice ribbon and tie together your bottom layer with a bow. Repeat in tiers. See full instructions and pictures on making a nappy cake.


Visit your local pharmacy, baby store or shop online. What you're looking for are those precious little items that Mum will need but may have overlooked or can use plenty of if she already has some in the nursery. Items like nappy rash cream, diapers, a bottle, baby shampoo and wash. These are things are Mum can always use more of but to make it a bit special try and buy quality brands. Also, look for organic, natural ingredients that are not tested on animals and your gift recipient will be really impressed with how thoughtful you are!


It's often said for the first baby shower you get gifts for baby. On the second a combination of gifts for both Mum and baby. And the third onwards should be all gifts for Mum! If you're going to a baby shower where the Mum is having her second or third child chances are she's completely organised and has everything she needs (and wants) for the baby. In this instance, get something for the Mum to enjoy herself. A combination of delicious chocolates with some really special beauty products and relaxtion oils should do the trick. Or try a gift certificate to a day spa.


If you're the crafty type nothing says 'special' like a handmade gift. Even if you can sew a basic straight line and have access to a sewing machine there are some pretty easy soft toy patterns available. If you know how to crochet a baby blanket it is a gift that will be truly treasured. If you're all thumbs when it comes to sewing and making things how about writing and recording a special lullaby or giving a framed poem? These are gifts you simply cannot buy and the personal investment is priceless.


One thing a new Mum is going to really relish is time. If your Mum is stocked up on baby equipment and you're grasping for gift ideas offer your services as a baby sitter so that Mum and Dad can go out one night to the movies. Perhaps you could provide a coupon with redeemable items like 'two hours of cleaning', 'make a fancy dinner' or even offer a voucher for a professional cleaner or a night out at a restaurant for two.

Any of the above items will be well received and are suitable gift ideas for Godparents, family or friends. This list is a great back up for a Mum who says not to worry about a gift or hasn't provided a gift registry. Good luck and happy shopping!

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