Chocolates by Byron Bay Cacao

We love chocolate! And why not? There's so many good things about chocolate - it tastes good for a start, but did you know that it can be good for you? Byron Bay Cacao, our new gourmet chocolatier, handmake their beautiful chocolates from cacao, milk and dark chocolate. Cacao and dark chocolate contain many B-complex vitamins. These release energy creating that lovely happy feeling after you've had your first bite. Dark, milk and white chocolate all contain vitamins D & E and chocolate is also a source of minerals vital to your every day body functions.

The truly great thing about chocolate is the delicious taste and there's nothing like a handmade, chocolate-coated ganache to get your motor running. You can also try local ingredients like Macadamia nuts, coffee beans and Murray River Sea Salt chocolate flavours.

The Byron Bay Cacao variety box is a combination of six individual chocolates. Your selection will include both milk, white and dark chocolates. These tasty chocolates will be wrapped around Macadamia nuts, ganache and coffee beans for a sensational taste experience.

We also stock a 100 gram bar of Rocky Road. This dark chocolate slab envelops coconut, peanut, cherry and marshmallow for a luxurious snack that you won't forget. Best with a cup of coffee or glass of wine - not to be shared under any circumstances.

Byron Bay Cacao are a local company who take pride in their individually crafted products and we're happy to be sharing them with you!

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