Baby Shower Games

Following are a few baby shower games that help get your group together and having fun. At some baby showers you may have a group of people who only know the Mum-to-be and not each other so we've added a few 'getting to know you' games. Others are just for fun!


This is a nice, simple one to set up. Simply fill a jar with packets of lolly jelly babies and pass the jar around. All baby shower guests take a guess at the number contained within and whoever is the closest wins the jar full of babies.

What you'll need

    2-3 packets of jelly babies (or more depending on the size of your container!)
    One glass container


A good game for baby showers where the guests don't know each other that well is the 'Getting To Know You' game. You'll need one ball (try our balloon ball for a gift you can leave behind with Mum) or any type of item that can be safely thrown (and caught) across the room or table. Pre-arrange a jar of questions like:

    what's the most exciting thing you've ever done?
    what is your fondest memory?
    are you married? Describe your partner in two words.

​Whoever has the ball passes it to someone new. The person who passed the ball gets to ask the person who catches it a question from the jar and so on. Alternatively, the questions could revolve around the Mum-to-be and her baby. Try things like:

    what will your babies middle name be?
    how many children would you like to have?

​There are many other more personalised questions you might like to ask!

What you'll need

    One ballon ball or other soft ball
    A jar full of questions


Another good game for getting to know the baby shower guests is to provide each guest with a word that no one else is allowed to say. Words like 'baby' or 'boy' (or any that you like). When another person says that person's word they go to a box of costumes/dress up items and place an item of their choice on that person. The person with the least (or most) items on at the end of the baby shower gets a prize!

What you'll need

    Costume items like feather boas, masks, plastic tiaras etc.


For a really personal touch, give everyone who attends the baby shower a birthday card with each person receiving a different year. For example, if you have twelve people attending, buy a birthday card for the 1st birthday, 2nd birthday and so on until the last person receives the 12th birthday card. Each person writes a personal message on their card with the intention that this will be delivered to the child on their years relevant birthday.

Alternatively, you can have each person fill out a card for the 1st birthday so that the Mum-to-be can reminisce on the special messages from her baby shower one year earlier.

What you'll need

    One birthday card per person.


Have the Mum parade around in front of the guests then each guest jots down how many cm's (or inches) they think it is around her belly. The closest guess wins!

What you'll need

    Tape Measure
    Writing pads and pens


Write the full name of the father and mother on a piece of paper and have all the guests make as many baby names as they can from the letters. This is a great game for name ideas if they aren't already chosen!

The winner is either chosen by the most names, the funniest names or Mum chooses the name she likes the most.

What you'll need

    Writing pads and pens

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