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Organic Products

Posted on 24 July 2015


Our range of organic beauty products contain natural ingredients like hemp oil and 100% pure essential oils to provide a deeply nutritious hair and skin care experience. We stock The Good Oil products which contain organic hemp seed oil. Hemp seed oil has a high concentration of essential fatty acids which are not naturally produced by the body and needs to be ingested. Our Sanctum Australia range is made using organic, natural and local ingredients like crushed Macadamia shells for a gentle exfoliant. Using organic beauty products helps you to love your skin and treat it with kindness for long term results.


It's important to treat a babies soft skin with care and organic baby products make thoughtful baby shower gifts. For individual products check out our cool range of gifts for babies.

New born babies require soft, soothing products for their sensitive skin and Sanctum Australia offer organic products with natural ingredients in the form of a Baby Shampoo, Baby Moisturiser and Baby Bottom Balm.

There is also a handmade, organic Baby Disinfectant Mist which is an environmentally alternative to disposable wipes. Also made by Arianrhod Aromatics is the Baby Body Lotion with 100% pure essential oils.


Our certified organic coffee from Byron Bay Coffee Co has won two silver and five bronze awards from the Australian Fine Foods competition. If you've ever tasted it you would know why. This blend is a well rounded, deep flavoured, slightly sweet with a rich, creamy body. It makes an extremely smooth, consistent coffee that is an absolute pleasure to drink!


Organic beauty products are an important choice for your skin as many other beauty products contain harsh, abrasive chemicals. For example, shampoos often contain sulphates, commonly found in cleaning agents because these create a lathering effect. These can dry and damage the hair so try our sulphate free shampoo for a natural alternative. Also, the products we stock on Byron Bay Gifts are not tested on animals, made in Australia and contain local ingredients.

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