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Best Summer Gifts

Posted on 26 July 2015

With a change of season comes a whole new range of gifts you can buy for family and friends. In winter a book, bottle of red and chocolates make a great present to snuggle up with but with summer on its way there's a whole new range of possibilities for summer loving! You'll start to see a change in your local shopping outlets as bright new colours make their way back in with the new seasons fashions on display. If you were ever stuck for a gift before, use the promise of fun in the sun to get your creative juices flowing to buy a unique and worthy gift that truly celebrates the season of sun.


PICNIC BASKET - You can't beat a summer picnic and this gift will provide countless good memories for the person you're giving it too. Think long days on the beach or a day trip to a local park. These baskets come with options for a two or more person setting and often include plates, cutlery and wine glasses. Added extras can include items like a built in cooler or wine opener. The good thing about this gift is you can add more to it if you want. A picnic blanket is a great addition or even add wine and cheese and go on the first expedition! There's a good variety on the market for a range of different price points - think anywhere over $65.


POOL TOYS - Summer days mean cooling off in the pool and nothing makes you the life of the party like rocking up with some fun stuff to play with in the pool. This option is both adult and child-friendly. For the adults, bring along an inflatable bar cooler. Equipped with an ice chest in the middle to keep your drinks and nibbles cold this floating fridge means less time out of the water grabbing snacks. For the kids, there is a great range of toys on the market to choose from. Some top choices are simple pool noodles for the cash-strapped or an Aqua Roller. An Aqua Roller inflates into a giant circle that the kids can climb inside and roll through the water. Of course, the first thing to note here is that your gift recipient must have a pool - if they don't a paddling pool gift wouldn't go astray.


OUTDOOR SPORTS - It's great fun being outdoors when the sun is shining and a sporting gift is an ideal group gift for the whole family. An old classic is of course cricket and you can pick up a bat, ball and wickets at a good price for hours of fun - just make sure you work out the rules to avoid arguments. Other family favourites are swingball, badminton and volleyball. Something you may not have tried before in the grand outdoors is lawn-sized Scrabble or Twister. You can buy these from an online shop or simply make your own. Again, a great gift to show up at a friend's party... get your game on!


ANYTHING FROZEN - That's right - it's hot and your friends or family will love you when they receive a gift that helps them cool down. There's lots of tasty options to be had and most require minimal effort. Without spending a fortune (in fact for under $100) you can find unique summer gifts like a snow cone or cotton candy maker. Adults will love it for the nostalgia and kids will love it for the taste - but don't worry you can buy sugar-free options too. Slushie machines are another great summer gift which you can add alcohol to for the adults - but beware of brain freeze.


BBQ TOOLS - Everyone loves to BBQ in the summer months but things have progressed from the simple grill barbecues of yesteryear. You can now get a range of personalised items like BBQ tong sets with initials engraved on the case or a chopping board with your gift recipients name emblazoned across it. Items for the home that add the 'cool effect' to your friends BBQ setting will be genuinely appreciated and novelty gifts like a fruit drink dispenser or glow-in-the-dark beer glasses will go down well. These add to party atmosphere but if your setting is a little more subdued then try a more classy gift like a stainless steel ice bucket stand or gourmet food gift basket. You can make up the gourmet gift basket yourself with BBQ-themed items like chilli salts, flavoured cooking oils and boutique beers.


CAMPING EQUIPMENT - Another family favourite pastime and one that can be undertaken bare-bones style or in complete luxury. And why shouldn't you give the gift of easy living to your gift recipient while they're toughing it out in the great wilderness? Giving the right gift for camping could make you a friend for life if you choose wisely. A multipurpose radio could do the trick and you can now pick up a camping radio that not only provides music it also acts as a torch and charger for your smartphone. You can also buy radios with LED lights and sirens and truly save your friends life in an emergency. Pocket hammocks, pop up beer glasses and portable wine glasses also make great camping gifts.

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