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Top 5 Boxing Day Shopping Websites

Top 5 Boxing Day Shopping Websites
We all know the Boxing Day sales are a great day to catch a bargain and there's plenty of bargains to be had with huge discounts across big-name brands. There's a lot of strategy behind some peoples approach to Boxing Day shopping. Some arrive at the shops to get in line early. Others have a strategic plan for items they are targeting and grab family members to come along to stage their attack.

Shopping online is also growing in popularity and is a good alternative to the post-Christmas crowds. There's tonnes of bargains to be found online and a number of sites dedicated solely to unwanted Christmas gifts. Your trash is truly someone else's treasure so if you're looking for value for money from the comfort of your own home try these website suggestions for buy-at-home bargain.


So, yes there's no flash of huge surprise here but did you know that David Jones start their online sale prior to their doors opening on boxing day? Like, the day before? Yes shoppers! You can get in first and shop into the wee hours for what other mere mortals are probably already standing in line for in the dark. David Jones have a huge range of homewares, clothing, beauty products, gourmet foods... but what's their biggest boxing day seller? Towels of course!


Store cards amass an astounding 1 billion dollars worth of revenue in Australia every year but did you know roughly 5-10% of those cards go un-redeemed? That's an incredible $500-$100 million worth of gift cards sitting around in Australian drawers never getting the chance to turn from card into glorious gift. Cardlimbo have taken control of these unwanted gift cards and are giving them new life on their website where you can - cha-ching - cash these little beauties in for some lovely cash. In return, you can give another online value-seeker the chance to buy your unwanted card at a discounted price. It's a win-win! Alternatively, if you're a really giving person this Christmas you can donate your card directly to charity or simply swap your card with someone for a store your prefer.


Swapstyle stakes its claim as 'the world's original and longest running clothing swap site' and there is a treasure trove of clothing items available. An Australian-run business, this site allows you to swap, sell, buy, give or receive any items you may have in your wardrobe with someone who wants your item more than you. It's a great way of recycling shoes, clothing or accessories and maybe finding some fashionable new bits and pieces of your own. Save your pennies and swap your unworn and unloved items for something more 'you'.


Ebay is one of the larger trading sites in Australia and many great savings can be found, particularly on Boxing Day. The day after Christmas is when Ebay users load up their unused wares in the hope of trading up or trading in. You'll find virtually anything your heart may desire from the latest handbag to antique furniture. Ebay uses a bidding system so you can simply set your maximum budget and get bidding. Many a bargain can be found here for the avid shopper with some items going for as low as $1.


Even discount websites that offer savings all year round have Boxing Day Sales and Temple & Webster is no exception. You'll love their beach-themed homewares and opulent dressings. Sales range from items like Kas' dreamy bed linen to crockery from Waterford. Furnishings from Temple & Webster offer real elegance for the home as well as colour injection from sumptuous cushions, cool kitchenware and creative art pieces. If you want high end at an affordable price, that's discounted daily AND has Boxing Day sale discounts then this is for you!
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