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Birthday Celebration Ideas

Birthday lights and Champagne

Thinking of how to celebrate your birthday this year but short on cash? We notice as we get older that if you want a birthday that meets your expectations sometimes you're better off organising it yourself. This way, you can choose all the things you like and enjoy time with friends and family as you invite them into your world for fun and frivolities. We've come up with a few easy ideas for those on a budget, to celebrate your birthday with fun and a bit of unique flair!

Backyard BBQ 

What better birthday gift than having a backyard BBQ with friends? We've got the climate for it in Australia and a BBQ can be both tasty and healthy (make sure you make some yummy salads). Adding in a pot luck so you don’t have to fork out extra money is a nice 'on a budget idea' and your friends get to showcase their mad cooking skills. You can do this in lieu of birthday gifts for friends who are also on a budget.

All you need is cushions, blankets and a table for eating - you could even make this out of wooden crates. Lighting helps set the ambience and make sure you choose tunes that everyone enjoys and can have a dance to.

Go on an adventure

Take the day off work or set up a plan for the weekend to go on an adventure. Do something you wouldn’t usually get the time to do. How about a nature walk or visit to a theme park? A visit to an art gallery or do something 'touristy' around your local area and remember why you love life! and do it slowly. 

Pamper session

Have a spa day at home with the girls. Order in one of our pamper hamper’s and share the organic and natural products with friends as you relax, chat and unwind. 


Buy the cake of your dreams.

Gold Class Movies

Pick a movie you're just going to love. Tear jerker or comedy? Order all the food and drinks your heart desires, put your feet up and take time out for a few hours.

Crack your favourite bottle of wine or drink of your choice and watch the sunset.

Find more birthday gift ideas on our birthday hamper page.

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