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Festival-Wear For Winter 2016

Festival-Wear For Winter 2016
With Splendour In The Grass coming up in July we’ve put together a few winter essentials that will create the right mix of festival glamour with a long wearing can-last-in-the-mud vibe. We’ve chosen things that will keep you warm, but are keeping in mind that you want to look good too, and have mingled fashion with cosy campsite wear ‘cause we’re nice like that.

Suede – Suede is looking great this winter but can be a difficult fabric in the rain so we recommend a suede statement piece like a dress or skirt in a shorter style so that it’s not in contact the ground. Layer with a mid-length coat and ankle boots.

Dark prints – Dark prints are a bold, eye-catching look that will last longer in festival conditions. Double-block or wear one statement piece with a block colour like brown, black or white with matching clutch, boots and jewellery.

Chunky Jewellery – We’re loving large, chunky jewellery like these pieces found at Dorje Designs. These necklaces are a unique fashion statement that can be worn with a plain knit and denim or for a with bold, contrasting prints for a unique, festival look.

Boho Knit – A unique take on the classic cable knit, a boho knit has added tassles to give it that festival edge. No need to wear jewellery with this look as you’re tassles do all the work. Wear with a plain black or white pant in denim or leather and large leather belt.

Patterned Jacket – We’re loving a printed coat with contrasting tee underneath worn with denim and boots. Look for a jacket with a bold print. Think floral with bold black and white striped tee underneath or keep it monochrome if you’re not into lots of colour.

Colour, Colour, Colour – And why not? You’re at a festival, right? If you’re going to go bold colour, now’s the time to do it. Think bold patterns mixed with other bold patterns. Floral with geometric or pattern on pattern with vibrant coat.

Layering - Layering is a festival go-to that allows you to wear all your favourite things at once. When shopping for this look you'll want a woollen jumper, leather jacket or mid-length coat and ultra-long woolen scarf. Wear with casual jeans and boots.
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